At Dreamforce ‘22, Salesforce introduced its latest product, Salesforce Genie – described as Salesforce as a “real-time platform for customer magic.” But what exactly does this product do, and how can it help your business? Let’s look at what this new product by Salesforce has to offer. 

Salesforce Genie Screen

What is Salesforce Genie? 

Whether you work in sales, marketing, or commerce, it’s crucial to make every second of the customer experience a good one. And with a majority of customers expecting that each customer interaction be personalized, this can be a major challenge with a lack of real-time data to facilitate these interactions with. Additionally, without a single source of truth when it comes to data, it can be difficult to make final decisions – no matter what part of the business you’re in. 

To combat this, Salesforce created Salesforce Genie, a real-time and single data source to aid in these interactions. By using several out of the box connectors, Genie is able to continually collect data to combine with your own transactional knowledge. This data is combined into a graph visible across the entire Customer 360 solution. This data enables you to receive better insights for your customers, and therefore take better actions and next steps. 

How Will Salesforce Genie Improve My Org? 


The benefits of Salesforce Genie span across the board, no matter how you use Salesforce on a daily basis. 

If you use Sales Cloud, Einstein will use data from Genie to provide you better insights, and therefore better next steps. And no matter where you are on the platform, having access to real-time customer data will enhance your customer interactions at every point in the marketing, sales, and service process. 

Marketing Cloud Users will also see several benefits with the use of Genie. Combined with the current automation capabilities of Salesforce, Marketing Cloud users will be able to send real-time messages to consumers as these data changes occur in real-time, such as the customer’s activity. 

Salesforce Genie also provides several connectors out-of-the-box. These lead to several optimizations, including better insights with Tableau, the ability to build better AI models with Amazon Sagemaker, and even expanding your advertising campaigns. 

What Features are Coming with Salesforce Genie? 

Here’s a breakdown of several features we should expect to see with Salesforce Genie, if not already available. These include connectors, advertising tools, and expansions of pre-existing Salesforce tools to maximize the advantages of having real-time data available to you.

Genie for Industries
Genie is applicable for any Industry, including automotive, communications, consumer goods, and more.


Tableau for CDP Connector 

This data integration brings real-time data from Genie into Tableau, and overall provides substantial benefits to businesses using both Salesforce and Tableau without the use of custom connectors.  

Mulesoft Anypoint Connector

Mulesoft has made available an Anypoint Connector for Genie so any system can be easily integrated with Genie to assist in building out a real-time data strategy. 

Genie and Amazon SageMaker

Salesforce Genie will bring data sharing to Amazon SageMaker, which enables your org’s data scientists to use Einsteing directly with this platform to create real-time AI models to be used across your business. 

First-Party Advertising with Meta Ads 

First-party advertising will become available with Meta Platforms Inc. for marketers, including privacy-safe integrations and marketing insights. 

Genie Data Prep Recipes and Transforms 

New Data Prep Recipes and Transforms are being introduced by Salesforce, including a full range of tools, machine learning, and SQL-based transforms to collect, enrich, and process data at larger scales and in real time.

Genie Data Spaces 

With the new availability of data, Salesforce will be expanding on its permission system to address security requirements when handling data. Admins will be able to organize real-time Genie data into different spaces, enabling users and teams to work with only the data they need.

Open Data Access with Snowflake 

Genie will be able to directly access data from Snowflake and vice-versa without having to move or duplicate data, saving space and time.

Flow Integration Connector for Genie 

This connector will grant the ability for users to integrate real-time data into actions for Flow automations.

First-Party Advertising with Amazon Ads 

Like with Meta, first-party advertising will become available with Amazon ads for marketers, including privacy-safe integrations and marketing insights. 

Genie Real-Time Journey Orchestration 

With Marketing Cloud Engagement, Genie real-time data can be used to respond immediately to user activity with personalized messages, such as follow-ups to recent activities or interests.

Genie and Personalization Real-Time Integration 

Using Personalization in conjunction with real-time data will enable Salesforce users to deliver more personalized offers, recommendations, and content to customers. 

For more features and how you can tailor Genie to your industry, check out the Salesforce Overview for more information.

When Will Salesforce Genie Be Available? 

Salesforce Genie is generally available now, and is in fact already being used by several companies, such as L’Oreal, Formula 1, and Ford. Additionally, Genie for Industries, Tableau for CDP Connector, and Mulesoft Anypoint Connector for Genie are available now. 

Genie and WhatsApp-first business messaging for marketing will be generally available in December 2022, with commerce and service to release at a later date. 

Finally, the following features will be available in 2023: 

  • Genie and Amazon SageMaker integration (Pilot) – January 2023
  • First-party advertising with Meta Ads – Spring 2023
  • Genie Data Prep Recipes and Transforms – Spring 2023
  • Genie Data Spaces – Spring 2023
  • Open Data Access with Snowflake – Spring 2023
  • Flow Integration Connector for Genie – H1 2023
  • First-party advertising with Amazon Ads – Summer 2023
  • Genie Real-Time Journey Orchestration – Summer 2023
  • Genie and Personalization Real-Time Integration – H2 2023

Have any questions about Salesforce Genie, or want to chat? Feel free to reach out!

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Julie Anna Contino

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