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Field Service Lightning Implementation & Consultation Services

Field Service Lightning (FSL) Implementation

We offer FSL consulting, for the simplest out-of-the box Salesforce FSL solutions to a complex customized implementation. Whether you are new to FSL or need to expand your application, our team is ready to work close with you to design and develop your Salesforce FSL.

Work Order Management Configuration

Your jobs shouldn’t be a nightmare to manage. Let us work with you to streamline the process of receiving a request, creating a Work Order, classifying and adding necessary details to the Work Order, Dispatching the Work Order to the appropriate Resource(s) and seeing that Work Order through to completion with a completed Service Report, signed by your customer. We can help streamline your field operations from start to finish, leveraging the power of Salesforce and Field Service Lightning.

Territory and Resource Management Configuration

Managing your field operations is no small feat, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate configurations for Field Service Lightning so your Territories, Teams, Warehouses, Vehicles, Hours of Operations and Skill Sets are all configured to match your business and set up your teams for success, from start to finish.

Appointment Dispatching and Scheduling Configuration

Field Service Lightning gives more control than ever to Dispatchers to allow them to assign the right crew or resource to a job while also factoring in details such as drive time, skill level and territory to ensure the right team is assigned to the right job, every time. We’ll work with you to refine the Dispatcher console so your business rules are considered when determining the right resources for the job.

Technician Mobile Application Configuration

Your technicians are in the field every day, let’s give them a branded, sophisticated mobile application to help them carry out their daily activities with ease. Let us configure the application to allow push notifications to be sent to your field reps in real-time, provide guided instructions on how to carry out their Work Orders, view their entire day at a glance and view knowledge articles while on-site to make sure they can carry out their duties efficiently and effectively.

Asset Management Configuration

What tools are required for the job? How many products are required to complete the job and do we have those products available? With Asset Management in Field Service Lightning, we can ensure that your field technicians always know what they need to complete a job, determine where those assets are and track how many of those assets were consumed while successfully completing the job. Let us help you implement an effective Asset Management system within Field Service Lightning.

Service Contract and Maintenance Plan Configuration

Whether you sell a Product that needs to be maintained or provide a recurring service, Field Service Lightning has the tools to track those Service Contracts and establish Maintenance Plans to easily track those recurring jobs and up-sell Clients. We work with you to outline the products/services that you offer and streamline the process of maintaining those Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans to ensure that your Clients are primed to receive the best service and support your company has to offer.

Ongoing Field Service Lightning Support

You and your team were hired to carry out very specific duties within your company and Field Service Lightning administration, optimization and configuration were most likely not included in those job descriptions. As certified Field Service Lightning experts, we exist specifically to support your Salesforce needs on an ongoing basis. Let us take care of Field Service Lightning administration while you take care of running your business.


If your Field Service Lightning instance includes a fair amount of custom development, from Apex Triggers to Lightning Web Components, our developers are here to help maintain your custom code as well as support new features that are programmatic in nature.


Field Service Lightning is updated 3 times per year and each update contains hundreds of new features that dramatically improve the way in which users can interact with their CRM on a daily basis. Whether it’s a matter of being up-to-speed with the latest and greatest capabilities of Field Service Lightning or if it’s just a matter of wanting to allow users to have a better understanding of how they can work with the system they currently have, we can provide the training necessary to reduce the knowledge gap.


When you move forward with Field Service Lightning, you’re investing a significant amount of time, energy and financial resources to make that investment successful, make sure you have the tools to measure and encourage adoption amongst your end users. We can help you measure current adoption rates, identify bottlenecks and get the feedback necessary to determine the steps that can be taken to improve adoption, standardize processes and increase efficiencies to maximize ROI.


The Lightning Experience is an incredibly powerful UI/UX that offers admins and developers a litany of tools to improve the end user experience. If you’re currently using Salesforce Classic, we can help map out your move to Lightning Experience and optimize it to fit your needs as they were met in Classic and beyond.


It happens to the most organized companies, you’ve found yourself in a scenario where your Field Service Lightning instance is on life support. Whether you had a poor experience with your initial implementation or it’s just become too customized over the years and is no longer functional, we’re here to help. We can help untangle your instance and chart the course to having an instance that delivers on the vision you had for it when you first adopted Field Service Lightning.


FSL is Salesforce’s field service solution. It’s an onsite job management platform with collaboration capabilities in real time, to help resolve issues quickly on site. When your team is out in the field, Salesforce Field Service Lightning allows your team to effectively navigate through complex logistics, rising customer expectations, and the high costs of your onsite operations.

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