Salesforce for Quoting

Create and Manage Quotes with Salesforce

Increasing accuracy and automation to deliver speed and agility for quoting with Salesforce.

Leverage Automation for Quoting and Billing

For an Increase in Accuracy and Speed
Automate Quote Creation
Leverage workflows and automation to automate the process of creating quotes, including more complex quotes. Increase accuracy by allowing reps to input only a few key fields. We’ll help you with quote automation by:

  • Creating an intuitive UX and agility to easily modify quoting process.
  • Automating the quote approval process with approval thresholds and advanced approvals.
  • Providing you with the right reports and dashboards to analyze discounting tendencies to find the ideal discount rate.
  • Providing you with an easy process to quickly revise proposals to compare pricing models within the same quote.

Automated Billing
Reduce Billing errors with automated billing. This automation reduces errors from manual data entry to help preserve your data integrity. We’ll help you get set up with automated billing by:

  • Aligning quotes, orders, and invoice pricing.
  • Creating workflows for recurring invoices.
  • Creating reports on invoices, orders, and payments.
  • Creating automated processes to replace manual processes.

Reduce Quoting Errors
You can reduce quoting errors by using one-click quote generation, this is powered by creating scalable sales processes, with guided configuration setting up built-in pricing approvals. Another way we can help you reduce quoting errors is by creating one unified pricing engine, to eliminate prices discrepancies between quotes, orders, and invoices.


Reduction in Pricing Errors

  • Faster Quoting 36% 36%
  • Improvement in Forecast Accuracy 34% 34%
  • Less time from quote to close 25% 25%
  • Reduction in quote approval time 33% 33%

Increase Your Deal Size

Leverage Up-Selling and Cross-Selling with Bundled Quotes
Automatically Get Product Recommendations
Sales reps can leverage Salesforce automation to automatically generate product recommendations that coincide with the customer’s current inventory. It helps reps take the guesswork out of maximizing the potential bundle options they’re quoting. They’ll automatically be promoted about cross-sell and upsell opportunities that they can share with their customers.


Source: Salesforce Customer Success Survey conducted from 2017-2019. Survey respondents were 2,094 from the AMER region, Salesforce customers were randomly selected.




Increase in up-sell

  • Increase in cross-sell 34% 34%
  • Increase in efficiency in marketing analytics and reporting 45% 45%
  • Reduction in SKUs needed 19% 19%


Leverage Our Solution Architects & Salesforce Certified Specialists.
Our technical platform capabilities and industry expertise—gained from years of working with some of the world’s largest brands—have given us the skills and experience you need to get results. We’ve got hands-on experience building and supporting business processes with Salesforce and know how to create happy customers which drives more revenue for your organization.

Maximize Your Investment Across The Platform
Get more value from your Salesforce investment, faster. We’ll help you maximize ROI and continue to innovate by designing transformational experiences all on one platform.



Get better, faster results.
Make your digital transformation a reality with flexible options, support, and world-class problem-solving. Our Salesforce Certified professionals are here to make your institution successful. We can help you with:


  • Creating scalable quoting processes with guided configuration.
  • Setting up automated pricing and product rules.
  • Create robust product bundles.
  • Using Predefined pricing and setting up discount guidance so you can create different deal scenarios for complex quotes.
  • Replacing manual processes with automated processes
  • Dynamic document generation and e-signature capabilities.

We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way


We’ll help evaluate whether Salesforce is a good fit for you. We’ll find the right clouds and supporting applications/integrations you need to accomplish your business goals.


We will design an effective system that empowers users while providing leadership with the insights on the overall performance they need to make business decisions.


The solution is built in a transparent manner where you understand what is being built and why design patterns are being used, so you can successfully and fully own the product.


We want you to get the most out of your investment and will provide the stakeholders and product owners with the training and tools to measure and encourage the adoption of Salesforce.


We’ll provide you with metrics to understand what’s working well and what can be improved, so you can plan and be agile and respond to changing market conditions.

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