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Building a Dynamic CRM for Audience-Driven Companies


of IT leaders say a lack of integration causes disconnected customer experiences at their companies.

Times more likely to add customers when you’re a data-driven organization.

Times more likely to retain customers when you’re a data-driven organization.

Times more likely to be profitable when you’re a data-driven organization.

Creating a Customer Experience that keeps them coming back for more

The era of the “Digital Transformation“ has ignited the birth of redefining the traditional business models that were once used in the media industry. This digital transformation has prompted the media industry to transform what was once a single offering for all customers into an environment that needs to serve up custom-tailored content experiences. The Media industry was once one that could serve up the same content to billions of people, but now it must serve unique, relevant, and custom-tailored content to billions of individuals. The key to engaging with so many people on such a personal scale is data. Being able to capture the relevant data and have the tools to use it in such a way that you can turn it into a custom experience for your customers is the key to success. With the Salesforce platform, you’ll be able to break down the data silos to leverage customer data across the entire organization while delivering the right content to your audiences, creating stronger customer loyalty, and generating new revenue streams.
Building a Better Business Model

Navigating consumer behavior is possible with Salesforce. With a lean tech stack, you’ll be able to leverage the data to help you understand your customer’s trends in consumption, so you can leverage that information to make data-driven decisions in real-time. With the ability to pivot so quickly, and the consumer craving more immersive experiences, you’ll be able to uncover and generate new revenue models based on what the consumer actually wants.

Keep Subscribers Engaged

Prevent subscriber frustration and offer streamlined and personalized onboarding to improve subscriber engagement, increase the lifetime value of the subscriber, resulting in a decrease in churn. When you ask for media preferences you’ll be able to tailor their experiences, creating happy customers. With Salesforce, you’ll be able to make that data available to all of your teams, so whenever someone engages with your customer, no matter what department they’re from, no matter what channel they’re on, it will be a seamless, personalized, and successful experience.

Building a Customer-centric Brand

Increase acquisition and retention by leveraging data to make predictions on what your customers prefer.

Being a customer-centric brand means you’re putting the customer at the center of everything you do. With a lean tech stack and the removal of data silos, you’ll be able to give your teams a clear view of the customer. Marketing and services teams have a single view of the consumer, with information such as subscriptions, usage, and billing. They’ll be able to give consumers personalized 1:1 experiences at each point in their journey. Your team will be able to predict at-risk customers and reach out and engage with them prior to them moving onto a competitor. Your sales team will have a clear view of your customer’s usage, allowing them to reach out and offered potential opportunities in order to upsell/cross-sell relevant options. Finally, marketing teams will be able to deliver personalized content in 1:1 journeys.

Increase acquisition and retention by leveraging the data to make predictions on what your customer’s preferences are and impress them with recommended content, product offerings, and opportunities based on what actually interests them. Your users can join the community to help answer each other questions. They’ll even get rewards for their engagement, in turn becoming real advocates for your brand, creating a level of unparalleled customer loyalty.




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