Salesforce for High Tech Companies

Agility for The Creators of Disruption and the Ignition of Innovation


of High-tech companies who use Salesforce see an increase in ROI.


of High-tech companies who use Salesforce see an improvement in their sales process and visibility.


of High-tech companies who use Salesforce see an increase in customer satisfaction.

Getting the Competitive Advantage with Salesforce

Technology companies are the creators of disruption and the ignition of innovation. They’re constantly facing the need to adapt to current market conditions, anticipate change, and capture opportunities at the moment they appear. In order to be successful, they must be agile. With Salesforce, technology companies, have the ability to quickly adapt and navigate changes within their business environment. With our experienced business professionals and the power of Salesforce, we’ll help you manage the most complex business challenges while creating an environment that’s agile enough for the constant innovation required to be successful.

The customer experience has been and continues to be one of the largest priorities not only amongst tech companies but for all companies. With the power of Salesforce, you’ll be able to share important data amongst departments, creating consistent and personalized experiences no matter what department the customer is engaging with. You’ll be able to build a customer community where they can log in to access their information such as subscriptions, billing, and update personal preferences, so you’ll always have up-to-date information. Ultimately, in the end, you’ll be able to successfully deliver a personal and transparent experience to your customer. Resulting in trust and a better relationship with your customers.

Breaking Down Data Silos
With the use of Salesforce, we can help you build a lean tech stack to eliminate data silos, preventing your teams from accessing critical information. It’s not only about breaking down the silos but ensure you are working with the highest quality data. We’ll put the right features in place to help you avoid data duplication and make sure you’re working with the best possible data.

High Tech companies can use Salesforce to:

  • Tackle new revenue models and optimize customer driven-sales cycles.
  • Make data-driven decisions through role-based reports and dashboards.
  • Create customizations specifically for your business.
  • Connect Marketing Cloud or Pardot, for personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Close deals faster, with more accuracy with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Boost selling with High Velocity Sales.


Connect all of your departments, on one platform, for a single complete view of the customer.

With so many channels, technologies, and platforms, many organizations struggle to capture all of the data surrounding their customers in one place. With Salesforce, technology companies can achieve a single view of the customer, from every step of the sales cycle to every time they’ve called or chatted into your support line, to what marketing campaigns they’ve engaged with, and what content they’ve downloaded, and events they’ve attended. Salesforce allows you to store details, like who has the purchasing decision, and what technologies is your customer using. The entire customer story can be captured in Salesforce, so your team can see the entire story in one place.


“Roycon was able to increase our productivity by 50%, we are able to process invoices twice as fast as we use to.”

Victoria Wilkerson
Principal, VWM Analytics

“For us, working with the Roycon team and Salesforce has been the perfect marriage to take our business to the next level.”

Bill Kantar
Chief Revenue Officer, Open Influence

“Incredibly talented team that can architect solutions specific to your business. Can’t recommend them enough.”

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