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Community Cloud Implementation & Consultation Services

Community Cloud Implementation

With Salesforce’s Community Cloud, you can expose certain elements of your Salesforce environment to your Customers or Partners to allow those individuals to carry out various tasks that provides you with more information and helps to eliminate blind spots in your reporting structure. When it comes to exposing areas of your Salesforce instance to the outside world, you need experts to make sure that your data and processes are being shared in a secure and scalable fashion. We’re here to make sure your Community implementation goes right.

Community Cloud Implementation

Standing up a Community on the Salesforce platform is both an exciting and a daunting task. Any time you’re exposing your Salesforce data to the outside world, there are inherently going to be security concerns. We’re experts in standing up Communities in a secure manner to ensure that your Customers or Partners only see the data that you explicitly want them to see. Let us help you get your Community up and running using the latest and greatest features that Salesforce provides in a secure and scalable manner.


Once you’ve got your community up and running we’ll help you get set up with analytics. The dashboard in the community management console will help you understand how customers are using your community so you can continuously improve your community.


Community Cloud is powerful and it allows you to pull in data from any system. Integrate with your business processes, embed custom and third-party apps, integrate with a record or custom object from salesforce, create feeds or publisher actions, and integrate data from third-party systems.


One of the primary benefits of creating a community is the ability to expose your Knowledge Base to your Customers, Partners or the general public. We can work with you to determine exactly which articles, categories and details can be exposed to these different audiences to allow for controlled access to Knowledge Articles that provide answers when needed and reduce strain on your organization’s support staff.


Salesforce provides a number of pre-built themes that allow your Community experience to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and modern. We work with you to not only determine the base theme of your Community but we can also help to further customize these themes to make sure it meets your branding standards and makes the Community feel like an extension of your existing website.

Community Cloud Consulting Services

Our Community Cloud consulting services provide you with the ability to customize your consulting services or your level of support. From additional resources, to team training, to coaching on creating content for the community and CRM best practices, our custom consulting services get you ready to start delivering content your community needs.


You and your team were hired to carry out very specific duties within your company and Community Cloud administration, optimization and configuration were most likely not included in those job descriptions. As certified Service Cloud experts, we exist specifically to support your Salesforce needs on an ongoing basis. Let us take care of Community Cloud administration while you take care of running your business.


If your Community Cloud instance includes or requires a fair amount of custom development, from Apex Triggers to Lightning Web Components, our developers are here to help maintain your custom code as well as support new features that are programmatic in nature.


Community Cloud is updated 3 times per year and each update contains hundreds of new features that dramatically improve the way in which users can interact with their CRM on a daily basis. Whether it’s a matter of being up-to-speed with the latest and greatest capabilities of Community Cloud or if it’s just a matter of wanting to allow users to have a better understanding of how they can work with the system they currently have, we can provide the training necessary to reduce the knowledge gap.


When you move forward with Community Cloud, you’re investing a significant amount of time, energy and financial resources to make that investment successful, make sure you have the tools to measure and encourage adoption amongst your end users. We can help you measure current adoption rates, identify bottlenecks and get the feedback necessary to determine the steps that can be taken to improve adoption, standardize processes and increase efficiencies to maximize ROI.


It happens to the most organized companies, you’ve found yourself in a scenario where your Community Cloud instance is on life support. Whether you had a poor experience with your initial implementation or it’s just become too customized over the years and is no longer functional, we’re here to help. We can help untangle your instance and chart the course to having an instance that delivers on the vision you had for it when you first adopted Community Cloud.

What is Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a digital experience platform that enables companies of all sizes to build beautifully branded CRM-powered sites, portals, forums, and mobile apps faster than ever before. At the core of Community Cloud is the ability for customers, partners, and employees to share information and help each other find answers.

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