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Get the Competitive Advantage with Salesforce


of professional Services firms who use a CRM, have seen an increase of new clients.


of professional Services firms who use a CRM have seen a 168% increase in projects completed.


of professional Services firms who use a CRM see a 19% greater margin than those who don't use a CRM.


of professional Services firms who use a CRM have seen an increase of revenue growth by 55%.

Creating a Customer Experience that keeps them coming back for more

In the professional services industry, we have a variety of different customers who have expertise in different areas such as legal staffing and consulting services. They may not have traditional sales functions, but relationships are still essential to the success of their organization. Some might even say, relationship building is critical to the overall success of the organization. Good relationships in the professional services industry help build trustworthy relationships that ultimately drive revenue.

Professional services organizations that are using a CRM are considerably outperforming their peers in key metrics such as the number of net new clients and achieving overall higher revenue margins than those organizations that aren’t using a CRM. One of the major reasons a CRM is so successful in the Professional Services industry is your clients are looking for a personal, connected, and 1:1 relationship for a better experience. They want to be engaged with when they want to be engaged with, with the content that they want to see at the right time. They want access to information immediately, such as billing information, which can be readily available through a customer portal. With a CRM in professional services, you can provide a better overall experience for your customer, making them want to come back again.

Creating a Single Connected Experience.

With Salesforce you can organize your data from across your organization into one place, creating a single source of truth for more accurate information and reporting. When you centralize your data and your departments you are creating efficiencies by removing silos and creating a means for full transparency throughout the organization.

Get Better Visibility into your Company to Make Data-driven Decisions Instantly.

You’ll have the ability to instantly generate insights on both macro and micro levels. You’ll be able to create reports based on categories such as region instantly, without the assistance of your IT staff. With a connected organization all on one platform, you’ll have visibility into the entire organization breaking down silos between departments creating an organization that can be agile during turbulent times.

Optimize your Sales Funnel.

With Sales Cloud, we can give your sales team the tools they need to operate more efficiently. Spend less time working on cold leads with prioritization of leads and opportunities that are more likely to close. Take your Sales and Marketing departments one step further with Pardot and Marketing Cloud, to add on Marketing automation to find prospects and notify sales before they make the decision to go elsewhere. With these applications, you can streamline your sales process and leverage automation so your sales team can spend less time with manual data entry and more time closing deals.

Focus on Filling Your Pipeline And We’ll Help You Get Set Up With Accurate Forecasting

Focus on filling your pipeline and we’ll help you get set up with accurate forecasting.

When you remove the silos between your departments at your organization and are on one platform, Salesforce provides you with access to real-time reporting and insights. With the addition of Salesforce AI, you can remove the painful task of revenue forecasting. You’ll be able to easily and accurately monitor revenue based on incoming projects and deals in the pipeline.

With access to real-time reporting and insights that are driven by artificial intelligence, you can eliminate the pain of revenue forecasting once and for all. Salesforce allows you to accurately track and project revenue based on upcoming clients, projects, and more in just a few clicks. 


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Victoria Wilkerson
Principal, VWM Analytics

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Bill Kantar
Chief Revenue Officer, Open Influence

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