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Who We Are

People First

We’re a people-first, technology-driven, and highly collaborative organization. With a flexible work-from-home environment, our employees have unlimited vacation and sick leave that affords them the work-life balance they need to thrive. With flexible work-from-home schedules, we encourage our team to be a part of a connected community via Slack channels. This allows our team to remain efficiently connected. With an emphasis on a family-friendly culture, our team enjoys weekly virtual happy hours, annual gatherings, and friendly GIF competitions. We believe in putting our employees first, because, without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

You In Mind

Perks. Perks. Perks

It’s not just about us, we want you to live happily and be happy. We offer the following to all our full-time employees.

  • Competitive 401k match
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Equipment
  • Work from home, work from anywhere
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Team building activities
  • Certification incentives
  • Training plans and resources to advance your career
  • People first culture
  • Annual Team Retreat

Where does your roycon journey begin?

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Roycon Life

We’re Friends Too

We’re a team that works hard together. But we also like to stop and celebrate each other and our victories together.

GIF Master Champion: Whenever we close a sale we enter into a serious GIF competition. Each employee enters in a GIF that best represents the deal. The one with the most laughs wins, and whoever has the most wins for the quarter, holds the Gif Master Champion belt. Bring your best GIFs for this challenge.

Annual Retreat: Getting together once a year to bond with our team is important. Here we celebrate our wins, strengthen our relationships and hand out the Connies.

The Connies: These are our annual awards, that we, the team vote on, and the winners receive an award at the annual retreat.

Celebrating Successes: When a team member wins, we all win. But we like to take it one step further and hold mini celebrations for our team’s big wins. Whether it’s a cooking class, a night to dinner, exploding cake, or a massage, a little reward for a great win goes a long way.

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