Salesforce for Human Resources Management

Using Salesforce to Enhance the Employee Experience

Connect the employee experience with the customer experience in order to drive growth and revenue.

Does your organization have a high turnover? Delays in IT requests? Lack of visibility due to silos? Processes that slow everything down? Lack of a united culture? If your organization faces any of these challenges, perhaps it’s time to look into creating or enhancing your employee experience. It can help bring together your organization and overcome these types of challenges. Building the perfect employee experience takes more than just the HR team but the successful partnership of HR and IT. Integrating the IT capabilities with a focus on HR while adding in culture and data, and you’ll have a powerful employee experience. We can help you create an experience with constant communication and foster alignment amongst your teams.

Connecting, Engaging, and Producing

One Platform Increases Productivity
Use the Salesforce platform to take onboarding to the next level with automation, manage all of your content in one place, and track and develop your talent. Connect all of your apps and data in one place, so you can accurately manage your employees and their milestones.

Connect on Every Channel
You’ll be able to connect with all of your employees on every channel, from chat to messaging to email and other integrated apps. You can even leverage AI and chatbots into your communication channels to provide next-level service to help facilitate questions and find solutions.

Empower Your Employees with Self Service
Centralize knowledge and self-service channels for your employees in one place. Give them the tools they need to be productive and find the answers to questions they need when they need them. This helps everyone in your organization find what they need with articles and cases.

Support Ticketing System
A support ticketing system is not only beneficial for your customers but can be used for internal requests for your employees. Use the service ticket system to help record, prioritize, and manage requests from employees. With a better system in place to manage requests, you’ll set expectations, and resolve requests on time.

Source: Forbes Insights Research – The Experience Equation. Forbes Insights combined a survey of 300 leaders, interviews, and public data.

Companies that value employee experience (EX) see up to 1.8x higher growth

  • of executives at revenue-growth leaders agree that better EX leads directly to better CX 89% 89%
  • of all executives agree that better EX leads to better CX 70% 70%
  • of all executives agree that better CX leads to better EX 33% 33%


Leverage Our Solution Architects & Salesforce Certified Specialists.
Our technical platform capabilities and industry expertise—gained from years of working with some of the world’s largest brands—have given us the skills and experience you need to get results. We’ve got hands-on experience building and supporting business processes with Salesforce and know how to create happy customers which drives more revenue for your organization.

Maximize Your Investment Across The Platform
Get more value from your Salesforce investment, faster. We’ll help you maximize ROI and continue to innovate by designing transformational experiences all on one platform.



Get better, faster results.
Make your digital transformation a reality with flexible options, support, and world-class problem-solving. Our Salesforce Certified professionals are here to make your institution successful. We can help you with:

  • Automating the onboarding process
  • Creating Employee Service Apps
  • Creating Online Learning Modules
  • 360-degree view of every employee
  • Create an Employee intranet
  • Leverage Quip for Productivity
  • Build a help desk

We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way


We’ll help evaluate whether Salesforce is a good fit for you. We’ll find the right clouds and supporting applications/integrations you need to accomplish your business goals.


We will design an effective system that empowers users while providing leadership with the insights on the overall performance they need to make business decisions.


The solution is built in a transparent manner where you understand what is being built and why design patterns are being used, so you can successfully and fully own the product.


We want you to get the most out of your investment and will provide the stakeholders and product owners with the training and tools to measure and encourage the adoption of Salesforce.


We’ll provide you with metrics to understand what’s working well and what can be improved, so you can plan and be agile and respond to changing market conditions.

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