Salesforce for Manufacturing Industries

Delivering Agility and Responsiveness to Manufacturers


of manufacturers agree “traditional forecasting has gone out the window”


of salespeople feel confident in their company’s agility*


say moving their planning process to the cloud is a critical or high priority


of manufacturers say they need both new approaches and new tools for accurate forecasting

Streamline Your Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers are continuing to embark on their digital transformation, and are becoming increasingly more connected. Not only from within the factory with independent and mobile robots but outside the factory, with plans to build out e-commerce plans. An e-commerce plan leveraging tools like Salesforce can help manufacturers reach new customers, increase revenue, and lover the cost to sell, by decreasing in-person marketing and selling.

With Salesforce you’ll get a consolidated view of run-rate business so you can create and manage sales agreements including duration and products, prices, and planned quantities. Combined actual quantities from your ERP and see a unified view of all customer activity by extending the power of the number 1 CRM. Give sales teams a clear view of key account activity and opportunities in the pipeline with the information they need at the right state to win new business. Remote and field teams can give continued service reports while adapting to resource constraints by rating workflows that surface issues and manage work orders

Sales reps, customers, and channel partners can collaborate in real-time with Experience Cloud to manage sales agreements and improve order schedules. Einstein surfaces critical business insights to easily understand customer demand, account health, pricing, and product performance.

Gaining Efficiencies

Manufacturing sales reps can spend less time looking up information, checking on order statuses, and entering data. With Sales Cloud, sales reps can easily identify which leads and opportunities they should focus on to close deals faster.

Integrate Systems

Make Salesforce your single source of truth, while integrating and connecting other applications to seamlessly connect data, build automation, and create one please for your team to access everything they need.

Accurate & Fast Quoting

Manufactures with large product catalogs and thousands of SKUs can eliminate the manual process of quoting. Create a better customer experience by decreasing the sales cycle time and generating faster and more accurate proposals.

Faster Service

With Salesforce Field Service, your call center can try to immediately resolve issues, but when they can’t they can easily locate reps in the field, find availability, and schedule appointments for customers all on the same call.

Breaking Down Forecasting Barriers with Salesforce

Account-based forecasting provides a central platform for sales operations and product teams to virtually collaborate.

Many manufacturers cannot accurately forecast due to the complexities of using up to three times as many systems for sales and operations. Disparate systems, multiple brands, deep silos, a large ecosystem, and extensive channels are just some of the challenges that prevent accurate forecasting. With Salesforce, these functions are all within one system, allowing for organizations to break down the barriers for accurate forecasting.

  • Grow current accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster.
  • Anticipate and resolve customer service issues before they escalate.
  • Optimize the supply chain to keep production lines humming and customers happy.
  • Turn any marketing department into a data-driven machine, and so much more.


“Roycon was able to increase our productivity by 50%, we are able to process invoices twice as fast as we use to.”

Victoria Wilkerson
Principal, VWM Analytics

“For us, working with the Roycon team and Salesforce has been the perfect marriage to take our business to the next level.”

Bill Kantar
Chief Revenue Officer, Open Influence

“Incredibly talented team that can architect solutions specific to your business. Can’t recommend them enough.”

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