Salesforce for IT Teams

Uniting Every Role and Every Department

Build a useful, agile, scalable, and intelligent platform, to help drive revenue and increase productivity within your organization. We’ll help you get there.

The IT team is no longer just a support arm of the business, they’re spearheading organizational innovation and leading their organization’s digital transformation. Gone are the days where the IT department operated in the background, now IT needs to be intertwined with the rest of the business to accelerate customer-experience efforts. With more cross-functional alignment and fewer silos, all departments can work together towards mutually agreed KPIs and the same mission and goals. Redefining the IT function along with the power of Salesforce, IT teams can drive the business forward. Let’s explore what this looks like.

Support Ticketing with Salesforce

Work in the same environment as your customer service teams.

Advanced Ticketing Management

  • Create cases to troubleshoot and monitor the progress of a project.
  • Faster resolution for customers.
  • Self-service capabilities

Automate Work and Improve Productivity
Automate everything from daily tasks like approvals and reminder notifications to more complex processes. Processes that would have taken weeks to code can now be created quickly with clicks.


Decrease in time to collaborate

  • Decrease in time to deploy applications 46% 46%
  • Decrease in IT costs (e.g., support, dev., training, etc.) 24% 24%
  • Decrease in time to develop custom code for ad hoc projects 35% 35%
  • Decrease in time to develop custom code for ad hoc projects 35% 35%
  • of IT leaders say acquiring good IT talent has never been harder* 79% 79%

Apps for All

Create Custom Experiences with Clicks or Code

Delight Your Customers, Employees, and Partners With The Apps They Need

The way customers engage with your organization has changed and you need to be where they are. They’re expecting easily accessible, personalized, on-demand experiences that they can access when they need to. So your team needs to be able to deliver these experiences that are agile and informative, which is why App development is critical for the IT strategy.

On average here’s the breakdown of apps currently being developed by IT teams:
34% Customer/Commercial Apps
25% Partner Productivity Apps
42% Employee Productivity Apps


Decrease in response time to customers, prospects, employees, partners

  • Decrease in time to code applications 41% 41%
  • Decrease in the time to design IT applications 50% 50%
  • Decrease in time to integrate applications 43% 43%
  • Decrease in time to configure custom applications 50% 50%
  • Decrease in time to test applications 50% 50%

Personalize Digital Communications

Integrate sales, service, marketing, and IT

Encourage Everyone to Contribute to Company Success
When all of your roles departments are on one platform and share the same goals it becomes a team effort to meet company goals. Unite your organization on one platform.
Salesforce Customer 360
Salesforce Customer 360 has an app for every step in your customer’s journey, from brand visibility to closing the sale, to customer support, you can capture every interaction within Salesforce and make these data points accessible to each department and every role. Customers are looking for more personalized experiences, and with the power of the platform and Salesforce AI, any department and any role can leverage data and insights to provide proactive recommendations to customers, providing a better experience and creating happy and loyal customers.

Source: Salesforce Customer Success Survey conducted from 2017-2019. Survey respondents were 2,094 from the AMER region, Salesforce customers randomly selected.


Decrease in time to make decisions

  • Decrease in time to reach resolutions 39% 39%
  • increase in worker productivity 55% 55%
  • increase data visibility 47% across the business 47% 47%
  • increase in automating business processes 42% 42%


Leverage Our Solution Architects & Salesforce Certified Specialists.
Our technical platform capabilities and industry expertise—gained from years of working with some of the world’s largest brands—have given us the skills and experience you need to get results. We’ve got hands-on experience building and supporting business processes with Salesforce and know how to create happy customers which drives more revenue for your organization.

Maximize Your Investment Across The Platform
Get more value from your Salesforce investment, faster. We’ll help you maximize ROI and continue to innovate by designing transformational experiences all on one platform.



Get better, faster results.
Make your digital transformation a reality with flexible options, support, and world-class problem-solving. Our Salesforce Certified professionals are here to make your institution successful. We can help you with:

  • Manage IT Requests
  • Build out product roadmaps
  • Work in Agile, Waterfall, “Waterfagile” fashion
  • Manage dev tickets alongside the customer support team

We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way


We’ll help evaluate whether Salesforce is a good fit for you. We’ll find the right clouds and supporting applications/integrations you need to accomplish your business goals.


We will design an effective system that empowers users while providing leadership with the insights on the overall performance they need to make business decisions.


The solution is built in a transparent manner where you understand what is being built and why design patterns are being used, so you can successfully and fully own the product.


We want you to get the most out of your investment and will provide the stakeholders and product owners with the training and tools to measure and encourage the adoption of Salesforce.


We’ll provide you with metrics to understand what’s working well and what can be improved, so you can plan and be agile and respond to changing market conditions.

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