Customer Success with Salesforce

Introduce Customers to your Brand by Automating your Onboarding Process with Salesforce

Make a good first impression and engage with your customer immediately after acquisition, so they can be successful with your product and you can build a long-term relationship.

No matter what industry or type of company you are all companies have a small window to make a great first impression with new customers. And doing it successfully, and at scale is an entirely different challenge. Without successful onboarding, organizations run the risk of customers losing interest, failing to be successful with the product or service due to a lack of training or knowledge, and inevitably being dissatisfied with your brand. If they’re dissatisfied, there certainly won’t be any referrals and there won’t be any renewals. With Salesforce, you can automate your onboarding process so you can build the long-term relationships that you and your customer need to be successful. We can help you make a good first impression, to build that long-term relationship with your customers.

Onboarding Customers in Half the Time

Provide your customers with value faster

Automating the Customer Onboarding Process
With Salesforce we can help you automate your onboarding process. You’ll be able to b70uild out a customer onboarding program that’s repeatable and scalable, and since your sales process is already in Salesforce, when a deal closes in Salesforce we can immediately and automatically:

  • Send a thank-you email to your customer or a welcome package.
  • Enroll customers in an onboarding welcome that contains feature call-outs and tutorials on how to be successful with your product or service.
  • Schedule routine check-ins.
  • Distribute and assign onboarding tasks to the various departments at your organization departments.
  • Create a renewal opportunity for the following cycle (can be delayed).
  • Post the win to chatter to celebrate with the internal team.

Provide Right Customer Personas with the Right Onboarding Materials they Need
Create different customer journeys based on criteria such as product type, revenue range, location, role, and, etc. Not every customer will follow the same onboarding process and need the same success materials to get started. So, creating the criteria to provide customized onboarding will be critical to successful customer onboarding in Salesforce.


of customers consider the company's onboarding program when making a purchasing decision. Bar: 70% of customers say understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business.

  • Customers say understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business. 70% 70%
  • Over 90% of customers think that companies “could do better” when it comes to onboarding new customers. 90% 90%
  • People have deleted an app because they didn’t know how to use it. 80% 80%
  • People are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. 74% 74%

Empowering Employees to Do Their Jobs Better

Feature & User Adoption

User Adoption
A new tool can be a large change for some employees, so not all training and onboarding will be the same for each role, user, and department. Creating onboarding tracks tailored to the unique departments and roles helps users who are lagging in the adoption be more likely to be successful on the platform. We also recommend creating Salesforce user adoption reports so you can pinpoint users who may need more and possibly 1:1 assistance and pinpoint some areas of improvement on the platform. If you see users aren’t converting leads, then perhaps there’s a training opportunity or potential obstacle that needs to be resolved that’s preventing users from converting leads.

Feature Adoption
Salesforce has 3 updates and upwards of 1,500+ new features released per year, and some of these releases can have a significant impact on your organization. Understanding how these releases work, we can help you uncover new features and apply them to your org to help work more efficiently.

Solve for Tech Debt
One of the biggest issues with adopting new technology is a lack of documentation around processes, configurations, and integrations. If your internal team isn’t disciplined in following software development best practices or if you only have one person who knows how everything works, you’re exposed to significant business continuity problems if one or more of the key individuals leaves the company. Let us help you migrate from a tribal knowledge base to an institutional knowledge base.

Change Monitoring
People don’t always adhere to best practices and in a fast-paced business environment, internal team members can be tempted to make changes on the fly without following proper change management best practices. Over time, these “one-off” modifications can lead to significant problems. With our Change Monitoring solution, we can tell you exactly what changed, when it changed, who changed it, and help you roll back those changes if you need help untangling your instance.

Source: Salesforce Customer Success Survey conducted from 2017-2019. Survey respondents were 2,094 from the AMER region, Salesforce customers randomly selected.


Increase in productivity amongst business users

  • Increase in the close rates/quality of the pipeline 24% 24%
  • Decrease in average case age 29% 29%
  • Decrease in time to reach resolutions 39% 39%
  • Increase in number of data discoveries 39% 39%


Leverage Our Solution Architects & Salesforce Certified Specialists.
Our technical platform capabilities and industry expertise—gained from years of working with some of the world’s largest brands—have given us the skills and experience you need to get results. We’ve got hands-on experience building and supporting business processes with Salesforce and know how to create happy customers which drives more revenue for your organization.

Maximize Your Investment Across The Platform
Get more value from your Salesforce investment, faster. We’ll help you maximize ROI and continue to innovate by designing transformational experiences all on one platform.



Get better, faster results.
Make your digital transformation a reality with flexible options, support, and world-class problem-solving. Our Salesforce Certified professionals are here to make your institution successful. We can help you with:

  • Automating the onboarding process.
  • Designing your Onboarding Journey.
  • Providing the right content to the right roles.

We’re Here For You Every Step of the Way


We’ll help evaluate whether Salesforce is a good fit for you. We’ll find the right clouds and supporting applications/integrations you need to accomplish your business goals.


We will design an effective system that empowers users while providing leadership with the insights on the overall performance they need to make business decisions.


The solution is built in a transparent manner where you understand what is being built and why design patterns are being used, so you can successfully and fully own the product.


We want you to get the most out of your investment and will provide the stakeholders and product owners with the training and tools to measure and encourage the adoption of Salesforce.


We’ll provide you with metrics to understand what’s working well and what can be improved, so you can plan and be agile and respond to changing market conditions.

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