Power users are those who use a product the most. They can assist in training, troubleshooting issues and increasing user adoption. But how can you identify Salesforce power users?

Power users can be defined as the individuals that interact with a product the most when compared to other end users within an organization. To best determine and identify power users, management can use engagement metrics to recognize which users are getting repeated value out of the solution, with the goal to replicate those specific behaviors among the other end users within the company. These metrics not only shine a light on what types of end users use the solution the most frequently, but also what keeps them engaged. Knowing this will ensure that these power users keep coming back for more!

Power users are important to your organization for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons being that they sace a company money by speeding up the time it takes to implement a software and train end users because they share the excitement and feeling of investment in the solution. They want to share that knowledge with their peers. Power users can streamline communication which will result in problems finding a quick resolution. Power users can also be a helpful resource in solving internal questions or issues by providing clarity and eliminating confusion as the first point of contact from their end user peers, allowing efficiency within the organization. With all of this knowledge and feedback, power users can even help in discovering areas of improvement or new ideas within the solution.

How to Identify Salesforce Power Users within your Organization
To identify your organization’s power users, look for those who are early adopters and repeat users of the solution. Power users are often vocal about what they are experiencing and will frequently share ideas and feedback. These insights may be shared verbally within the workplace, or even on social media platforms or Trailhead. Because power users share their thoughts and feelings, they are often influential within the organization, so getting their buy-in and excitement will help increase user adoption across the board.

Not only will power users know your Salesforce solution well, but they should also understand the reason behind it, meaning your company’s business process. Salesforce power users can be instrumental in decision-making discussions regarding any of your Salesforce solution’s issues or potential enhancements. Power users can assist with internal bottlenecks by being a point of contact for other end users to come to if they have questions regarding the Salesforce functionality, enabling everyone to get the most that they can out of the software on a day-to-day basis, as well as establishing it as a long term software solution for your company. Making it a wise investment for your organization.

Why are Power Users Important to an Organization?
Power users bring your company value in a number of ways. For starters, since power users are repeat users of a solution, this frequent use may even bring in more revenue for your organization. Once you discover how and why power users are using your Salesforce solution, the easier it will be to attract more and more of them.

Power users are usually the first to sing the praises of a software solution to their peers. Their enthusiasm can even become a powerful source of not only repeat customers but even new business! Since power users have a recurring engagement with a software solution, they then tend fall in love a brand so much that they remain loyal to it for years and years, possibly even advocating for it’s adoption at other agencies. These power users have formed such strong work habits, that they have grown professionally right alongside that particular software solution. So how do we get that to happen for Salesforce users?

How to Create Salesforce Power Users
Education is key. Providing the time and incentive for employees to thoroughly understand your company’s business process, which as mentioned earlier, is the blueprint for any software solution that is developed for an organization, will enable a sense of ownership and desire to see that software succeed. Utilizing Trailhead is a convenient way to learn the tips, tricks, and features that Salesforce has to offer. They may even discover new features that may be beneficial to your day-to-day process that weren’t initially thought of and built during your initial implementation. Discovering these ideas can help map out future phases of enhancing your Salesforce solution, keeping it growing with your organization and preventing the software from getting stagnant and outdated.

Once a power user is educated on your Salesforce solution, they should be encouraged to share that knowledge with their peers. This is a great way to spread some of that interest and excitement throughout the company. Provide an open door to thoughts, ideas, and feedback. This will increase the feeling of collaboration and overall investment in the solution.

Provide training updates throughout the year so that excitement doesn’t fade away. During these trainings, open the floor for end users to be able to come and train their peers on a new or improved feature of Salesforce! Salesforce power users provide an important value add to your organization and overall commitment to the Salesforce product.

Power users are enthusiastic users of a software soltuion who are paramount in increasing excitement, buy in and successful user adoption. Power users not only provide value in increasing user adoption, but in doing so they can save a company time and money in acting as a first round of support with questions, limiting the bottle neck of pushing these questions up the chain of command, ultimatley ensuring valuabale resources can approrpaitely spend thier time where it may be needed most and increasing company revenue. Power users may be hidden gems that you discover as your software solution is being rolled out, or they can be end users with potential that if given the right resources, can become influential and indispensable employees who are cheerleaders for the solution and increase overall buy in and adoption, increasing the overall value of your investment.


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