How to Customize A Salesforce Homepage in Lightning App Builder

Julie Contino |
 Learn Salesforce |
 Feb 7, 2022

In today’s video, we’ll show you how to customize a Salesforce homepage using the Lightning App Builder in Setup. The Lightning App Builder is a front-end interface that allows you to easily drag-and-drop modules to display the information most important to your users. We’re going to customize a Salesforce homepage by creating a new one – follow along with these steps:

1. In Setup, navigate to Platform Tools > User Interface > Lightning App Builder.
2. You can either select a page to edit or create a new one. To create a new one, select New.
3. Different types of pages are available, but we want a homepage, so let’s select that.
4. Now let’s give it a name.
5. Now we have the option to either clone a template or go with Salesforce’s default. After making your choice, select Finish.
6. To add components, you can either hit the plus button under a current component or drag-and-drop the component from the left-hand menu.
7. Notice that when you have a component selected, you have further options depending on what that component is, including visibility.
8. Once you’re happy with your page, select save. Note that saving the page will not activate it for users – you’ll need to select the activate button here as well.
9. When it’s time to activate, you’ll need to specify where the page shows up. You can have this homepage be the org-wide default, or you can specify further. You may want to assign it to a specific app. You might also want to assign it to a specific app AND a specific user profile. You can make those settings here to complete the activation process.

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