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Sales Cloud Implementation

Our Mission

To provide expert-level services centered around the successful evaluation, adoption, and ongoing optimization of Salesforce cloud solutions to allow businesses to deliver best-in-class experiences to their customers, partners, and employees. We help businesses improve their overall efficiencies by using the world’s most advanced CRM, Salesforce both in the near and long term.

Your Business Thrives with Roycon

Digital Transformation

Modernize your business with the world’s #1 CRM to increase efficiency, enable effective collaboration, improve customer experience, and enable growth.

Single Source of Truth

Aggregate all of your business data into a single pane of glass to allow for greater insight into company-wide performance, identify trends, and improve organizational forecasting capabilities.

Operational Agility

Enable your business to quickly adapt to changing markets, adopt new strategies, and adjust to meet changing customer needs without slowing down your teams.

End-to-End Enablement

Leverage Salesforce to improve every aspect of how you do business.

Pardot ImplementationPut your customers at the center of everything, using data and AI to engage with them on the channels they prefer to be engaged with, at the right moment. Your marketing data is stored in one place allowing you to make data-driven decisions. It gives sales the context they need to have the right conversations and make actionable decisions. At the heart of everything is the customer journey; you can create seamless experiences at every stage of the customer life cycle, from the first time they see an ad, to sign up, to creating raving fans. Salesforce technologies empower marketing teams to be more effective, profitable, and strategic. Learn more about Salesforce for marketing teams.

Sales Cloud ImplementationSales operations are the engines that drive your business. Give your sales team the best possible tool to allow them to effectively manage new leads, track follow-up activities, manage their pipeline, and successfully close deals. After all, sales is a crucial element to the overall success of the business. We can help your business structure Sales Cloud to ensure Leads aren’t falling through the cracks, your teams are staying engaged with prospects and your management teams have the necessary insight into the pipeline, close ratios, and overall performance to ensure sales targets are being achieved quarter after quarter. Learn more about Salesforce for sales teams.

Salesforce CPQ ImplementationTake the busy work out of estimating quotes and let your sales team get back to selling. With Salesforce CPQ you can give your team the tools they need to quickly generate complex quotes in a matter of minutes. Shorten up those sales cycles and close more deals even faster with Salesforce CPQ.  Learn more about quoting and estimating with Salesforce.

Salesforce CPQ ImplementationBuild a loyal customer base when you provide the best shopping experience to your customers. With a Unified Order Management platform, the order fulfillment process streamlines the allocation, assignment, picking, packing, and shipment of your customer’s orders. Meeting and exceeding your customer’s expectations through delivering their shipment on time, and in some cases even earlier, is like making a promise and keeping it, creating that loyal customer base every brand needs. Keep your customer’s promises with Commerce Cloud’s order management platform, which creates an even better experience with personalization, seamless experiences on any device, and order fulfillment that creates happy and loyal customers. Learn more about fulfillment with Salesforce.

Service Cloud ImplementationCustomer service teams need to solve cases quickly and provide knowledge to customers to solve their challenges even faster. With process automation, you can solve cases quickly and give customers the answers to questions they need when they need it. You can organize customer service processes and manage them. With Service Cloud, you can even manage your team to identify areas of growth in order to improve your team’s overall satisfaction rate, resulting in happy customers and employees. Transform your customer relationships with the right productivity tools that give you a 360-degree view of every customer. The 360-degree view allows you to monitor and provide support on all channels, allowing agents to seamlessly handle cases from one screen with an easy-to-use service console. With the right tools, you’ll have happy customers and even happier employees. Learn more about Salesforce for customer support and service.

Salesforce Field Service ImplementationSome organizations need to improve their customer service by tracking customer service calls from the call to the call center agent through a dispatcher console through the completed service appointment from a mobile technician in the field. With Field Service, you’ll be able to streamline your calls in the field. Anyone in the organization can see all the calls in the field from the account. Your dispatcher will be able to see the schedules of all the mobile technicians in the field to optimize appointment setting. If you’re the service manager, you’ll be able to better understand what your field technicians completed in the field. With Field Service, you can improve the overall success and agility of your teams in the field. Learn more about Salesforce for field service.

Sales Cloud ImplementationTransform the way you manage your customer base and get a single source of truth for your customer data with the Salesforce platform. With a single, customizable, and easy-to-use user experience, its no wonder the Salesforce platform boosts user productivity and collaboration. The platform allows you to integrate sales, service, marketing, and IT to get that single view of the customer across the entire organization. Learn more about Salesforce for IT teams.

Sales Cloud ImplementationIntegrating Sales, Service, Marketing, and IT allows your business to streamline processes and connect solutions across each cloud, creating a single source of truth for data. This allows finance leaders to make more accurate predictions based on accurate data in real-time. Bringing finance into Salesforce also means building forecast and accounting data directly on the platform instead of extracting sales data out and meshing it into a spreadsheet or another system. Finance can use Salesforce to do their work and also to see everyone else’s. When the finance team is siloed, it’s not able to get that customer-centric view, with Salesforce finance leaders can trust the data to make confident business decisions about the future of the company. Learn more about Salesforce for financial services.

What Our Clients Say

“Roycon was able to increase our productivity by 50%, we are able to process invoices twice as fast as we use to.”

Victoria Wilkerson
Principal, VWM Analytics

“For us, working with the Roycon team and Salesforce has been the perfect marriage to take our business to the next level.”

Bill Kantar
Chief Revenue Officer, Open Influence

“Incredibly talented team that can architect solutions specific to your business. Can’t recommend them enough.”

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Create Efficiencies 

VWM Analytics recognized that its existing software had limited bandwidth and was unable to support the data being input into the system. Learn how they consolidated their processes and achieved a 50% increase in their efficiency.

Sales Cloud Implementation

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