How to Create Approval Processes in Salesforce

Julie Contino |
 Learn Salesforce |
 May 2, 2022

In today’s video, we’ll show you how to create Approval Processes in Salesforce. Approval Processes are automated for when a specific criteria is met,
and determine what happens to the record in question is approved or rejected. Additionally, approval processes can be approved by multiple users and
can be set for either unanimous approval or at least one approval. To create Approval Processes in Salesforce, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Setup.
2. In the Quick Find box, type and select Approval Processes.
3. Select the object you’d like to create an Approval Process for. 
4. Under the Create Approval Process dropdown, select the Standard Setup.
5. Now enter a Process Name, Unique Name, and Description for what your Approval Process will do.
6. Now we can decide how the process will kick off, whether that be from meeting certain record criteria, or if a formula evaluates to true.
7. Next, select which field is used to determine who the approval should be automatically routed to. You can also decide whether the record(s) can be edited while the approval process is underway.
8. Now select an email template that will be used to notify approvals when a request is assigned.
9. Now you can build the approval page to show only what records are relevant for approvals. You can also decide to add approval history for the record
and alternate ways to access this page.
10. Decide who can actually submit the records for approval, as well as the option to recall approval requests.
11. Once you’re done creating an approval process, you’ll need to create additional steps in order to have it up and running. You’ll need at least
one step in your process to determine the order of approvers and under what criteria this step should take place. With Approval Processes, you’ll also
have options to automate field updates if records are approved or rejected. You can edit all of these criteria under your new approval process.

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