Trailheadx, was a virtual event that took place on June 23rd, 2021. Other than Dreamforce, the premier event for trailblazers, Trailheadx is one of the most anticipated events for Trailblazers and Salesforce admins alike, as it provides us with some of the newest trends and best practices to create new apps and extend the customer 360 platform from anywhere. Trailheadx is a great place for anyone who builds on and customizes Salesforce to learn new ways to expand the platform, so if you’re an admin, developer, architect, entrepreneur, IT leader, partner, student, or anyone else who customizes Salesforce, be sure to tune into Trailheadx. If you missed this year’s conference, you can check out the Trailheadx recordings on-demand. If you don’t have time to sift through all of the recordings, feel free to browse some of the sessions that we really enjoyed.

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Build Scalable Experiences: Functions & CLI

TrailheadDX: Build Scalable Experiences: Functions & CLI CLI Unification, making scalable development simple and makes tool juggling a thing of the past with CLI Unification. It’s all coming together with a new global CLI executable that provides you with a single-line taxonomy for cross-cloud Salesforce development.
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Drive Sales Productivity with AI & Activity Capture

TrailheadDX: Drive Sales Productivity with AI & Activity Capture 77% of Sales reps said they needed more time to help understand their B2B buyers. Learn best practices of features you can turn on immediately and add-ons to drive productivity and efficiency within Salesforce. Use AI and Activity capture to help sales reps work smarter and faster. Uncover features like opportunity scoring, lead scoring, account insights, and opportunity insights to empower your reps to work smarter.
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Introducing Salesforce Diagrams

TrailheadDX: Introducing Salesforce Diagrams Salesforce Diagrams are an important part of your architect skill set and can help you to better communicate complex ideas and processes, so all stakeholders can be on the same page. With Salesforce Diagrams, you’ll now have a standardized way to create, customize, and reuse diagrams. There are two styles of diagrams, marketing sales, and strategy and documentation, and Implementation. This video will help you understand why, when, and how to use these diagrams, to make you a better communicator.
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Community & Ecosystem

Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community Reimagined

TrailheadDX: Trailhead & The Trailblazer Community Reimagined Companies are rapidly accelerating their digital transformation and need places for their employees to learn and accelerate with them. Trailhead has become the place for many to learn new skills in order to spearhead this fast-paced evolution to an ever more digital world. Trailhead now has over 1,000 badges available and over 50 credentials to help users learn the skills that companies need more than ever. You can connect with fellow trailblazers in the community, there are over 3 million learners. You can work alongside the community to transform your career or upskill. Learn about the latest innovations within the community. Learn how you can connect from anywhere and skill up and transform your career with your fellow Trailblazers.
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IT Leaders

Automation: How to Remove Complexity Using Low Code

TrailheadDx: Automation: How to Remove Complexity Using Low Code Companies need automation that not only helps their customers but their employees to be more productive. They need to help their employees to create more time for more meaningful work. To solve for this and remove complexity, companies look to automation, AI, and integration, and for these to work together seamlessly you need time, resources, expertise, and a great process for change management in order to be successful at automation. Take a look at how RecruitMilitary leveraged Einstein Automate to help match veterans with the right job for them, Josh Dayment tells us how.
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There are so many other great sessions available on demand. There are also some really great product and partner demos available, as well as great sessions for Salesforce certification prep. So many great resources all in one place.

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