Salesforce recently completed its acquisition of Slack, a messaging app for businesses that helps colleagues stay connected. With the new acquisition brings several integrations available for Salesforce and Slack. Today, we’ll be going through some of the ways that you can use the Slack-First Customer 360 strategy to create more productive work environments.

Slack-First Customer 360 Strategy

With the completion of the Skack acquisition, the two platforms have joined together to form the Slack-First Customer 360 straategy. With this technology, you can collaborate with your teams and work with the data you need all in one workspace. And with Slack Connect which comes with any paid Slack plan, internal teams can now communicate more effectively with external users, including partners and customers, to help grow and bring more efficiency for your business.

Slack-First Customer 360 brings a plethora of features to different Salesforce products. Let’s go through each one to find out what this new integration adds.

Slack-First Sales

Slack-First Sales is available for the Sales Cloud, and makes it easier to engage with customers and partners. With Slack-First Sales, all of the customer data and communications you need to make with your team are all together in one central hub. You’ll be able to add Salesforce records to Slack without having to leave the application. And by creating dedicated channels for your team, you can get the right team members to work together directly, thus streamlining the sales process.


Slack-First Sales also helps automate processes for your sales team. When new sales reps join your team, you’ll be able to automate the onboarding process and provide them with access to documentation and training material instantly. You’ll also be able to reflect and act on insights from Salesforce or other CRMs without having to leave Slack.

And with Slack Connect, it’s easier than ever to loop in external users, like your customers and partners. This provides a central hub to strengthen relationships with your external users, get feedback, and communicate with stakeholders.

Slack-First Service

With Slack-First Service, you can resolve cases faster, thus growing customer loyalty and trust. Slack-First Service allows you to message internal experts on tickets needing resolution without having to leave the current interface. And with Slack’s AI-powered search, it’s easy to find relevant documentation for cases without having to go down the path of a long manual search.

Like Slack-First Sales, Slack-First Service provides insights and automation capabilities to help you resolve cases faster and get feedback on your current processes. You can provide feedback, insights, and customer data securely with your teams in order to break down silos. You can also use bots in your processes to deliver insights in less time.

Using Slack Connect to loop in external users, it’s easy to help troubleshoot issues in real-time. You can also use automated workflows during these processes to supplement the time spent with users with submitted cases.

Slack-First Marketing

Slack-First uses better collaboration tools to get from idea to market faster. You’ll have an all-in-one command center where you can define channels for tasks such as content creation ideas, making marketing plans for particular territories, defining campaign deliverables, and more. You can also enhance marketing workflow by installing apps. From monitoring email campaigns to accessing performance metrics, there’s so much you can do directly from Slack.

Slack Connect allows you to share any relevant marketing data with your partners. Whether you need to work with a client on deliverables or assign design work to freelancers, you can do it all without leaving the application. You can also have channels to leave customer feedback.


Slack-First IT/App Development

Slack-First IT/App Development brings your IT teams and technologies together, resulting in better monitoring of your whole tech stack and a greater return of investment on the technologies you’re working with. Slack’s two-way API allows you to bring different tools into Slack where everyone can monitor them, allowing teams to realize and utilize value faster. Use automation with Slack-First IT/App Development for bots, workflows, and apps to reduce manual work and save time. And with Slack Connect, you can connect with customers easily and securely. Slack-First IT/App Development works well with both small and large businesses to optimize your tech stack and maximize productivity.

Slack-First Workplace

No matter what your team or company size is, Slack-First Workplace gives your team a central hub to get things done. Collaborate on work and manage tasks all in one, making it easy to get work done no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what you’re using Slack for. Keeping everything within Slack will even help reduce e-mail communication and meeting time – and what’s better than that?

The Slack App Directory

Throughout this overview, you may have noticed the availability of apps to simplify and streamline business processes all through Slack. Using the Slack App Directory, you can easily install a plethora of apps, ranging from communication to finance to team culture. If you’re looking to set up meetings easily, apps like Calendly and Zoom can be accessed directly from Slack by installing them from the App Directory. Does your company use Google Drive to store files? You can get a Slack app for that too – no need to leave the application to send over the files that you need. The Slack App Directory even offers apps for team building and overall workplace happiness, which is essential especially in the age of remote work.

The Slack App Directory also features a variety of bots that you can use to automate more. For example, developers can have GitHub updates sent directly to their feed with the Toast for GitHub app. Plan to build a knowledge base? Lessonly Knowledge provides self-service support, and can suggest documents when team members come across different issues. Then there’s AttendanceBot, which will manage time-tracking needs such as clocking in and out as well as PTO requests. Be sure to check out Slack’s App Directory to see the many ways you can save time, automate work, and keep your team happy.

If you think that Slack may be right for your business, feel free to reach out to us! 

Julie Anna Contino

Julie Anna Contino

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