The new Salesforce Spring ’23 Release is coming soon – but that exactly is coming with the new release? As always, the Salesforce Release Notes are always the best place to start, but if you want a general idea of what’s coming soon, here’s a brief summary of some notable features that will be coming to your org soon. In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting ten features out of the many that will be coming with next month’s release.


MFA Auto-Enablement Starts Now

One of the most notable of enhancements is that Salesforce users are now contractually obligated to use multi-factor authorization (also known as MFA) when accessing Salesforce orgs. MFA for direct logins will be begin to be automatically enabled starting with Spring ’23 and will continue to be rolled out throughout the year. This is especially important to note if you have not enabled MFA already! 


Additional Customization with Reports and Dashboards 

You can now create dynamic report filters that contain personalized results for each user. You can now take advantage of fields like $USER to customize one report for several users. There’s also a beta feature coming to add more filters to Lightning dashboards, as well as images and even GIFs. 


Dynamic Forms – now available with Cases and Leads! 

In the Lightning App Builder, you can currently only use Dynamic Forms with only Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts. But with the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release, you will now be able to use Dynamic Forms with Cases and Leads as well, making this feature available for all standard objects on desktop. Dynamic Forms has been a game changer – and we look forward to seeing it be made available for Cases and Leads as well! 


Dynamic forms in lightning app builder

Picklist Value Improvements

Spring ’23 makes it easier to manage picklists with new improvements. You can now mass delete inactive, unused picklist values for custom picklists with predefined values. You can also manage these values in bulk in general, including the ability to delete, activate, deactivate, and replace fields without having to do so one at a time.

With the inclusion of this functionality, it’s also important to note that the ability to have unlimited inactive picklist values will be removed. The new limit that will be introduced in Spring ’23 is a maximum of 4,000. As of Spring ’23, this can be toggled, but it will be enforced for Summer ’23. So in addition to MFA enablement, make sure your inactive picklist values are cleaned up!


Manage Sandbox Access Easily with Selective Sandbox Access

With Selective Sandbox Access, you can manage who has access to a sandbox. This will effectively remove the added step for Salesforce Admins to change the user email address of users who will need access to the sandbox.


Map Handwritten Text to a Structured Document with Einstein OCR

Einstein OCR is now able to recognize handwritten text from images and PDFs, and can map the text to document layouts and associated fields. This technology is applicable for documents that are handwritten, typed, or both.


Scale Center is now in Beta

Scale Center is a self-serve tool that gives you near real-time access to your org’s performance metrics. You can monitor and analyze your org’s health and performance, and identify where improvements can be made when scaling applications. This feature will be available in its beta version for Spring ’23.


Use the Contact Support Form Component in LWR Sites

The Contact Support Form Component is now available for LWR Sites. This component streamlines the process of creating cases and contacting support. Previously, it was only available for Aura sites, but will now be available for LWR sites as well.


Micro-Batching Support

Previously, when troubleshooting failed micro-batch processes, you had to run a query first. Now, you can receive email notifications that show the error messages ad well as the records that were not created. Additionally, developers can now add Apex tests for the createRecordAsync method to validate the micro-batching Apex method. This applicable for Aura, LWR, and Visualforce sites accessed through both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.



These are just a few of many new features and changes coming with the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release. As always, be sure to check out the Release Notes for full information!

Julie Anna Contino

Julie Anna Contino

Jr. Developer

Julie Anna is a junior developer with a passion for learning and problem-solving. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has four years of development experience. She's excited to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and combine her previous experience with her passion for helping clients thrive.

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