How to Set Up Dynamic Actions in Salesforce

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 Feb 15, 2021

How to Set up Dynamic Actions in Salesforce

Today we will be covering how to set up Dynamic Actions. This is a feature release in Summer ‘20. To set up Dynamic Actions, follow these steps:

  1. From a record of the desired object, click on “Edit Page” to enter the visual editor. You will see the quick actions that are set on the Object Page Layout in Object Manager.
  2. Click on the highlight panel and select “Enable Dynamic Actions”, then select “Add Action”. This will override the Quick Actions set on the Page Layout.
  3. Click “Add Action” then type in and select the action.
  4. Next click on “Add Filter”, set desired criteria, then click “Done”. Add any other quick actions – with or without criteria – as they were removed by enabling dynamic actions.
  5. Save the page and then navigate back to the record, refresh the page, and notice the dynamic actions!


How to Set Up Dynamic Actions

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Spencer Kunze

Spencer Kunze

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