How to launch a post-sales process using the Salesforce and Asana integration

“Today’s operations and sales teams are spending more time on ‘work about work’ than on the work that actually drives their business forward,” said Alex Hood, Head of Product at Asana. “Without clear or consistent processes in place, teams end up manually coordinating their work and wading through repetitive requests, duplicated data entry, and a complete lack of clarity on who is doing what by when. The result is lost deals, missed deadlines, and delayed deployments.”

According to the Anatomy of Work Index, the majority of employees’ time (60%) is spent on work coordination, which leaves only 13 percent for strategic planning and 27 percent for the skill-based job they were hired to perform. Additionally, in an analysis of how time is spent in the office, 83 percent of survey respondents believe their teams aren’t as efficient as they could be due to not having the right processes in place.

When you combine the power of Asana and Salesforce, it allows for coordination and consistency through workflows that trigger each time an action is performed. Asana becomes the single source of truth for your organization’s workflows, and with the Salesforce integration, you can trigger these workflows immediately. With this timely integration, you can be sure to deliver the best quality and timely service. When a deal closes in Salesforce you can trigger a post-sales handoff in Asana, notifying your employees on what they need to do automatically, without wasting time, or discussing what needs to be done next. It ensures a timely and consistent interaction each time a deal is closed. With more organization, your teams are sure to work more efficiently and be happier. Who doesn’t love a happy team?

Asana Post-Sales Handoff Template

If you’re using Asana and you have the premium version you’ll have access to some amazing workflow templates, one of which is the Post-sales handoff template. You’ll be able to download the Asana post-sales hand-off template, right into your Asana org.

How to launch a post-sales process using the Salesforce and Asana integration.

Connect Salesforce and Asana

The Salesforce and Asana integration is available to Asana Business and Enterprise customers who have the Salesforce Enterprise, or Unlimited accounts. While it is optimized for Salesforce Lightning it is also compatible with Salesforce Classic.
Setting up the integration:

  1. Install Asana for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Click Get it Now.
  3. Follow the steps on the installation wizard.
  4. Add the Asana Lightning Component to any standard or custom object page

Once you’ve installed Asana for Salesforce and downloaded the Asana post-sales template into your Asana, you’ll want to make sure you have the processes in place to trigger the post-sales workflow. To do that watch the video below, Daniel will walk you through how to launch a post-sales process using the Salesforce and Asana integration.

There so many great things you can do with Asana and Salesforce. Check out Daniel’s blog post on the Asana integration and learn more about different ways you can use Asana to increase your team’s productivity. If you get stuck you can refer to the Asana Guide or you can always contact us. You can learn more about us, we’re an Austin-based Salesforce Consulting partner, with a passion and belief that the Salesforce platform’s capabilities can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Thanks for stopping by the Roycon Salesforce blog, be sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading and as always, happy building!

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