An Overview of the Asana & Salesforce Integration

 Apr 21, 2021

Salesforce and Asana Integration

One of the greatest advantages to the Salesforce ecosystem is the number of applications available through the Appexchange. Most organizations that use Salesforce have also adopted other cloud platforms for Project Management, Work Management, and providing client services. Many of the “well-known” cloud app vendors have free connectors listed on the Appexchange which allow organizations to quickly set up plug & play solutions. A simple automated process goes a long way when it comes to coordinating across different departments in the same organization. Asana, a work management platform, is one of the most well-known, that we’ll be diving into today. More specifically, the Salesforce and Asana Integration and its capabilities.

Asana defines itself as a platform for Work Management, and use cases can vary from Sales, Marketing, Service, Project Management, etc. Below, we will be reviewing a few use cases for the Asana/Salesforce Connector that is listed for free on the Appexchange. The three common use cases which we will observe include:

  • Launching a post Sale Process after an Opportunity is Closed Won
  • Sending a task to Asana based on Case Creation/Escalation
  • Using Asana to Coordinate Campaign Planning in Salesforce

Launching a Post-sales Process using the Salesforce and Asana Integration

Using flow builder to launch a post-sales process when an opportunity is won.

Using The Salesforce and Asana Integration to launch a Task related to a Case

For service, when a case gets changed to a working status, it will send a task to an existing project in Asana.

Asana & Salesforce Marketing Collaboration – Launching a Campaign Project in Asana

Create a Salesforce Campaign that will kick off an Asana project, using Salesforce Flow Builder.

Connect Salesforce and Asana

The Salesforce and Asana integration is available to Asana Business and Enterprise customers who have the Salesforce Enterprise, or Unlimited accounts. While it is optimized for Salesforce Lightning it is also compatible with Salesforce Classic.

Setting up the integration:

  1. Install Asana for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Click Get it Now.
  3. Follow the steps on the installation wizard.
  4. Add the Asana Lightning Component to any standard or custom object page

For additional information, you can refer to the Asana Guide.
If you’re interested in learning more about the Salesforce and Asana integration, feel free to contact us. You can learn more about us, we’re an Austin-based Salesforce Consulting partner, with a passion and belief that the Salesforce platform’s capabilities can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Thanks for stopping by the Roycon Salesforce blog, be sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading and as always, happy building!

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

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Over the last 7 years, Daniel has touched most roles in terms of Salesforce Implementations including being a customer, project manager, architect, app-builder, and solution designer. He's not only passionate about the technical side of Salesforce but also about educating clients on the best way to have a successful engagement with a partner.

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