Part I

Where to Start Understanding the Business & Identifying Processes

Part II

Back End Review Reviewing Technical Debt, Integrations, & Data

Part III

Prioritize and Strategize So You Can Properly Complete Your Assessment

Part IV

Let’s Create an Actionable Plan and a System to Manage Ongoing Requests

As a certified Salesforce Administrator and Consultant, I have seen a large variety of Salesforce ‘orgs’. There is usually some excitement and anxiety in knowing you are about to gain access to the system, not knowing what is under the hood. Some orgs are brand spanking new, and you feel like the world is your oyster. However, Salesforce has been around for over 23 years and has a major foothold on the market. More likely than not, in joining a new company as an Administrator or Consultant, you will be immersing yourself in an existing org. Although this can be daunting, there are upsides to being the individual(s) that are responsible for the management and enhancements.

  • Learn new things and be curious
  • Make an impact and build a professional brand
  • Build a team and mentor people

Whatever your goals are, keep them top of mind as you take your first look into an org that was built by someone else and possibly built for legacy requirements. By reshaping how you think, you may see a positive impact on how your approach your new responsibilities. With existing orgs, there can be a host of challenges. In this four-part series, we will take through some of the foundational steps to take as you unravel an inherited existing org, limited your risk, and increase your time to value.

  • Where to Start | Understanding the Business | Identifying Processes
  • Reviewing Technical Debt | Integrations | Bad Data
  • How to Prioritize & Strategize
  • Creating an Actionable Plan
  • How to Manage your Ongoing Requests

Come along for the ride – We hope it is helpful!

Candy Goll

Candy Goll

Solution Architect

Unraveling challenges, overcoming obstacles, and exploring what's possible on the Salesforce platform.

Challenges on the platform are no hurdle for Candy, she clears hurdles on the Snowboard and on the Salesforce platform, like no other. Candy is your go-to Salesforce Solution Engineer. After inadvertently falling into the Salesforce ecosystem as an administrator, spending time at several consulting partners, and even working at Salesforce as a Solutions Engineer, she excels in solving large challenges. She is most commonly known for tackling complex situations and breaking them down into bite-sized pieces, to create a path to success. Candy is a Salesforce expert who thrives on partnering with companies to build scalable solutions by leveraging the Salesforce platform.

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