Toggl Track, a time-tracking web application, recently launched a new integration with Salesforce this month. This new functionality will allow users to automate time tracking within Salesforce, keep that data synced with Toggl Track, and provide mappings to enforce clean data for reporting purposes. The Toggl Track Integration with Salesforce has been highly requested by Toggl users, and this recent addition to Toggl’s list of Integrations can be set up seamlessly with Salesforce. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about the Toggl Track implementation for Salesforce and what you need to know to get it set up in your Salesforce org.

What is Toggl?

Toggl offers a suite of productivity applications, including Toggl Plan, a project planning application, Toggl Track, a time tracking tool, and Toggl hire, a hiring tool.

Toggl Track is a web application by Toggl that allows users to keep track of how much time they spend working on projects. Users can separate their work into different categories, and generate reports on where they’ve spent time on work.

Toggl categories are separated into Clients, Projects, and Tasks. Clients are companies or individuals that users are working for. Under Clients, users can use Projects to separate out different projects being worked on under that client. Finally, Tasks are individual types of jobs needed to be performed to carry out that project. Once you’ve set up your Clients and Projects in Toggl Track, getting started with tracking is easy – all you have to do is type what you’re working on, select which project you’re working on, and press the timer button to get started.

Toggl Track also offers a manual timer option. If you completed work outside of the application, you can always manually enter the time spent by switching from the automatic timer.

Also included with Toggl Track is the reports tool, which allows you to filter by Projects and see where your workload is being distributed over time. You can also download and share these reports.

Toggl Track includes a Premium version, which adds features such as Integrations, Insights, Forecasts, Priority Support, and more. Their pricing plans page offers a breakdown of what features are offered with each plan, from Free to Enterprise.

The Toggl Track Integration for Salesforce

The Toggl Track Integration for Salesforce will allow you to enable Toggl Track directly from Salesforce. Additionally, you can map standard and custom objects as well as object records in Salesforce as projects, clients, and tasks in Toggl. And if you’re looking to only sync some records, you can take advantage of the integration’s filtering tool. This makes for an efficient way to track work and reporting without duplicate tasks, projects, or client names.

When setting up the Toggl Track Integration, you’ll set up mappings for your data in Salesforce. Once all of the mappings are set and the integration is complete, users who have the Toggl Track integration enabled can select which projects they’re working on from a dropdown of the mapped values, instead of doing so from the Toggl Track app. This tracked data will sync from Salesforce to Toggl Track, making the data available for reporting. And with the proper sync settings in place, new Account records are mapped automatically.

By using the Toggl Track Integration for Salesforce, having pre-mapped data guarantees reporting on work completed is clean and reliable. Putting together Clients, Projects, and Tasks manually at a larger scale can cause duplicates in reporting leading to unclean data. Using an Integration for tracking work such as Toggl Track eliminates this issue. Additionally, having access to Toggl Track within Salesforce makes it easy to start and stop work without having to leave your Salesforce org. And leaving the manual work up to an integration leaves more time for work that matters most.

NOTE: At the moment, the integration only works from Salesforce to Toggl Track, and not from Toggl Track to Salesforce.

Considerations for the Toggl Track Integration for Salesforce

If you’re considering this implementation for your Salesforce org, there are a few prerequisites:

  • The Salesforce Integration is only available for Toggl Track Premium Users.
  • The Salesforce Integration is only compatible with the Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited Plans.
  • The Salesforce Integration can be enabled for select users or teams or the whole org.

How to Get Started

The Toggl Track Integration process with Salesforce is simple and starts from your Toggl Track Workspace (it’s recommended to test this with a new Workspace first). From there, navigate to the Settings menu, then go to the Integrations tab. In the Integrations tab, you’ll find the Salesforce Integration option. When turning this Integration on from the menu, you’ll need to give Toggl Track permission to connect to your Salesforce org. Then the Toggl Track wizard will take you through the rest of the setup process, including the mapping process for object records in your Salesforce org.

For more information on how to get started with the Toggl Track Integration for Salesforce, you can check out Toggl’s documentation for detailed steps.

Toggl Track’s newest integration with Salesforce has highly requested functionality partnered with a simple setup to get started. With it, time tracking and reporting within Salesforce orgs are going to be streamlined, simpler, and require much less manual work for users.


Julie Anna Contino

Julie Anna Contino

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