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About Open Influence

Open Influence is a full-service influencer solution that combines a
proprietary technology platform, industry insights, and diligent
processes to deliver quality, data driven content.
Open Influence works with the world’s most discerning brands, such as
BMW and Bose, and has a successful track record with clients in
fashion, lifestyle, travel, automotive, entertainment, and technology.


The Challenge

With office locations in the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong—and more than 1,000 top-shelf clients—Open Influence is indeed a viral business that’s growing exponentially. The company wants to continue its outreach, expanding its customer base to Dubai, Singapore, and beyond, which means additional currencies, additional markets, and different revenue-recognition rules. Although the cutting-edge company was already using Salesforce as its premier solution to track potential clients, it wasn’t using the platform to its full potential. It needed a way to better manage customers without relying on spreadsheets and siloed data.

Looking to leverage the value of Salesforce, Open Influence connected with its Salesforce representative for recommendations on how to optimize the technology. Salesforce introduced the team to five companies that offered support services, and the decision-makers selected Roycon based on its reputation and level of expertise.

The Solution

Jump-started with a thorough discovery process, Roycon quickly understood what Open Influence wanted to accomplish. Initial conversations included reviewing business needs and goals, mapping out key performance indicators (KPIs), and delivering a scope of work. Armed with that knowledge, Roycon enhanced the conversation by offering alternative solutions that streamlined the Salesforce platform while adding scalability. The Roycon team became integral partners by
developing business-specific architecture within Salesforce. Under Roycon’s direction, Open Influence built customized dashboards to help executives scale the business while eliminating the need for extraneous spreadsheets. The team then further customized the platform so each team member at Open Influence can extract meaningful nuggets of data specific to their job function.

Roycon also directed the company to invoice directly within Salesforce instead of using a separate tool, transcending monotonous and time-consuming tasks into deliverables that take seconds to produce. Roycon proved to be a high-value partner that guided Open Influence through the customization needed to make Salesforce work for their business.

According to Bill Kantar, Chief Revenue Officer at Open Influence, “We look to Roycon as partners to guide us—they executed the things that made sense for our business. The team is responsive and has my respect; and for me, respect is not given—it’s earned.”

The Results

Roycon Technologies offered Open Influence the expertise needed to deliver a customized Salesforce instance to help the company optimize the software in a way that dramatically enhanced its business.

With Roycon’s extensive research and collaborative re-design of the business’ Salesforce platform, Open Influence now has the capability to:
• Quickly identify business trends
• Better leverage its data
• View at-a-glance dashboards to measure and interpret data
• Rely on a scalable foundation that can grow as the company evolves
• Find meaningful business insights

According to Bill Kantar of Open Influence, “The more you invest into the Salesforce platform, the more value you get out of it. And to get the most out of it, it’s critical to have the support of a good partner.” With Roycon Technologies in your corner, you can take your business to the next level. Just like Open Influence.

“For us, working with the Roycon team and Salesforce has been the perfect marriage to take our business to the next level.”

-Bill Kantar, Chief Revenue Officer, Open Influence

Proven Results

New Data Dashboards

Dashboards were created in order to scale the business and eliminate spreadsheets.

Delivering Business Insights

New solutions were created in order to deliver meaningful business trends and insights in order, to make data driven decisions



Open Influence gained the ability to transparently invoice directly within Salesforce.

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