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About Concord Servicing

Concord Servicing is a dual-site, full-scope servicer for clients who are owners and originators of consumer receivables, secured and unsecured, across a variety of asset classes including home improvement, solar, energy efficiency, vacation ownership, and landholdings. Founded in 1988, Concord services 2M consumer obligations totaling $6.7B, of which $1.7B are part of asset-backed securitizations. Concord also serves as a backup servicer for $2.9B of consumer receivables that are part of structured financings.


The Challenge

Concord Servicing fields thousands of customer service requests per week, and needed a robust solution to manage all the details associated with supporting their clients well. Concord struggled with their previous process generating thousands of emails with no organizational or tracking system in place. They had a large document library that certain users needed varying levels of access to, and struggled to track customer SLA’s and violations of those SLA’s. Customer Service reps had difficulty keeping track of the statuses of open case and Account Contacts, affecting their overall customer service experience.

The Solution

Roycon implemented a solution focused on Service Cloud, Document Storage, and Compliance Requirements.

Roycon established Role Hierarchy for their internal users and custom Profiles to enhance access and visiblity control at a more granular level. Roycon also customized Accounts, Contacts and Cases and defined a single, customized Support Process to effectively manage Cases consistently from start to finish across the company, utilizing Web2Case and Email2Case to allow individuals to automatically create cases in Salesforce via both channels. Account Teams were established, as well as the customization of the Contract object to summarize Order totals and the Account Contact Relation object. Roycon also implemented Entitlements within Service Cloud to allow for users to create Entitlements and set Start and End Dates for Accounts, Contacts or Assets. The Milestone feature in Service Cloud was configured to deliver different thresholds for actions to be taken on Cases in conjunction with the Entitlement that has been assigned to the Case. Finally, Roycon configured the Salesforce Library to allow secure storage of Files within Salesforce.

The Results

Concord Servicing is now able to thoroughly, accurately and efficiently track and organize Cases, Entitlements, Contracts and Milestones as well as securely store and organize Files within Salesforce.

Proven Results

Case Management

Automated case assignment and SLA creation to ensure tracking of timely responses and SLA violations.

Tracking Contacts

Developed a sophisticated way to track contacts moving from one account to another including duration at a company, role, and their departure date.


Secure Document Storage

A scalable solution documents that allows documents to be stored within the system but only accessed by approved users.

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