We have recently taken the Pledge 1% challenge.

We are living in unprecedented times as we continue to adapt our daily lives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and respond to the economic implications. This leaves a lot of uncertainty and many companies are having to assess the impact of this new reality on their goals, employees, customers, and community. This further enforces the need for corporations who are able, to give back, be it of their time, equity, product, or profit, and encourage their employees to do so once shelter-in-place orders start to get lifted.

Pledging 1% is something every company can do, and is something you can easily incorporate into your corporate culture and provides a lot of value to local charities and non-profit organizations in serving their mission. It not only helps these organizations, but also their clients, and helps well-round your staff. We are proud to announce we have recently taken the Pledge 1% challenge.

As the Director of Operations here at Roycon, I choose to give back my time by serving on three non-profit boards through a local YMCA, primarily assisting with fundraising drive, new program initiatives, and community outreach. I also serve on an alumni advisory board for Merivis, a Veteran-focused Salesforce training and career organization serving on the program committee recommending innovative ideas to better serve military veterans and spouses that come through the Merivis program. And lastly, on a local Project Management Institute board as a Military Liaison Director, helping transitioning Veterans enter the project management career ecosystem. Additionally, I volunteer on Veterati, a platform to assist transitioning military who are changing industries and re-entering the workplace and are seeking mentorship either on day-in-the-life type questions to find out what they want to do, or want advice on job search and associated documents such as resume reviews, mock interviews, or LinkedIn profile reviews. Roycon is a proud Salesforce Military Alliance Partner, guaranteeing an interview to transitioning military members and spouses who have come through the Trailhead Military pipeline. Additionally, we encourage our employees to donate 1% of their time, and for our military Veterans and spouses, encourage them to give back to the military community whenever possible.

So why did I choose these organizations, in particular, to volunteer time with? I’d like to break them out individually rather than grouping them together starting with Merivis who supports veterans and their families preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job readiness for Salesforce cloud technology careers. The name Merivis comes from the Latin roots of Merit and Force, a nod to both the military and business communities they serve. I am proud to be a three-time Merivis alumnus having attended their Salesforce administrator, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, and am currently attending their Einstein Analytics and Discovery cohort. I applied to be on the alumni advisory board which brings innovative ideas to the larger board on ways to enhance and improve current programs to better serve their population. Not only did this give me the opportunity to help other Veterans and military spouses, but it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with the most caring and passionate professionals I’ve had the privilege of meeting, many of whom are accomplished Salesforce professionals as well. The co-founders, Kate (Executive Director) & Hector (USAF Veteran and Board member) Perez, and Joe Castro (President of the Board) have created an environment that has spurred a close family environment of alumni that watch out for each other and constantly reach out a hand when others are in need.

The Project Management Institute(PMI) is an organization whose mission is to further the advancement of the project management profession worldwide. This organization has been around for over 50 years and has made amazing strides and added value in so many industries. When I was in WA, I convinced the local PMI chapter to add the position of a military liaison, a position that would help transitioning military realize how their careers in the military prepared them well to be a successful project and portfolio managers in the civilian sector, a career that is very lucrative and mutually beneficial to the organizations they join. Now that I’m in IA, the PMI chapter here also wanted to serve their local military community and I again chose to get involved due to their mission and passion for helping military members in particular.

That brings me to the local YMCA board which serves my local community here in Central Iowa and has a larger mission of a commitment to helping everyone reach their potential. They make large impacts in children’s development, encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical and mental fitness, and also encourage social responsibility by encouraging others to give back and get involved to help our neighbors.

As you can see, all three of these organizations have critical missions and serve their populations in unique and effective ways. Giving back is something we all can do with very little effort, which is why I helped Roycon take the 1% pledge and we foster an environment that encourages others to give back in whatever way they are able.

Pledge 1% encourages and empowers organizations to donate 1% of either their staff, time, product, profit, and/or any equity to any charity. The goal is to inspire the organizations to make a small commitment today that will ultimately have a huge impact tomorrow. Many companies will start by donating time until they are ready to do more. Donating time maybe the easiest way to get started. Time donations can be performed in a variety of different ways, but if you decide to contribute 1% each week, 1% of a 40-hour workweek is just 20 minutes. It’s all about being part of something that’s bigger than yourself. I challenge you to Pledge 1% here either personally giving of your time or money and encourage your place of business to do so today! Make a difference!

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Mike Hoal

Mike Hoal

Director of Operations

Mike, a director of operations is a triple threat; an army veteran, financial controller, and Salesforce expert. With project management in his background, he can drive any organization forward, identify areas of opportunity, and truly push forward any organization. His hard work and determination are influential and spread throughout the ecosystem.

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