GetFeedback for Salesforce

Seamlessly Integrate Feedback Data with Salesforce 

About the GetFeedback & Salesforce Integration

With pre-built templates from customer satisfaction score (CSAT), net promote score (NPS), and customer effort score (CES) and the ability to quickly create custom branded surveys, it’s no wonder GetFeedback is the survey tool of choice for Salesforce customers. You can choose one of a few ways to create your Salesforce data mappings to allow for data to sync back to Salesforce from the completed surveys in real-time. 


Get real-time Response Data into Salesforce

With flexible options to map your data into Salesforce, you’ll be able to easily set up your connection to GetFeedback that allows for the completed survey data to sync to Salesforce in real-time. 

Omnichannel Survey Distribution
GetFeedback provides you with the flexibility to send your surveys via e-mail, chat, or text message. You can even send surveys through Salesforce chat, messaging, communities, and embedded one-touch email templates.

Instant Automation

With the power of GetFeedback and Salesforce, you can automate task notifications to let your team know how to follow up on survey results in real-time. 

Customized Survey Branding

The GetFeedback survey builder allows you to customize the look and feel of the survey. You can even use out of the box themes or you can create your own by uploading images, and adjusting the fonts and colors. 

Survey Logic
You won’t need every customer to complete every single question. With the GetFeedback survey logic, you can add in conditional questions for specific answers on specific questions, making the experience better, and increasing your completion rate.

Exit Pages

Once the survey is completed, you’ll have the option to add in a custom closing. You can even redirect your customer to your website, a customer portal, or just add a thank you message and image to the end of the survey. 

Learn More About GetFeedback for Salesforce

If you’re ready to create custom branded surveys and get results in real-time using GetFeedback for Salesforce, we’re ready to help. Complete the form below so we help you harness the power of Salesforce and GetFeedback to automate survey distribution, increase customer feedback rates, and populate your org with useful insights so you can make better decisions for your business.