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Consolidating Financial Information in Salesforce

About our Partnership

Go beyond the spreadsheet with PlaceCPM and simplify your financial forecasting in Salesforce. Salesforce Partner, Roycon, will manage the implementation and support, ensuring your processes are properly connected to PlaceCPM. With the power of the PlaceCPM & Roycon partnership, managers can gain a more thorough understanding of their company’s financial health by marrying both sales, expense, and other accounting data. It’s one thing to look at sales opportunity data, but with PlaceCPM you can also better forecast employee costs and budgets and reflect the actuals against that forecast. This gives you a 360-degree view of your business, which is greater than the siloed view you typically see with your standard CRM data.
About Place Technology
Place Technology, Inc. is a venture-backed software company building innovative applications on the Salesforce Platform that simplify business operations. PlaceCPM offers budgeting and forecasting software to help with real-time data, updates, collaboration, and custom reporting.

Simplify Budgeting & Forecasting
PlaceCPM combines transactional-level financial and cash forecasting, budgeting, modeling, consolidations and core planning with advanced collaboration, workflows, reporting and visualization tools in one easy to use application natively built on the Salesforce Platform.

Cash Projections and P&L Forecasting
Forecast, model and budget while quickly assessing outputs like cash projections, forecast variance and more – all from a familiar viewpoint.

Transaction-Based Financials

In sync with your accounting system for exact cash balances and granular forecast control.

Team Collaboration
Communication is enabled directly within the elements and workflows of PlaceCPM for quick, clear team collaboration.

Essential Integrations

Pre-built integrations with Xero and Quickbooks provide granular transaction-level details that are critical to producing accurate cash and financial forecasts.

Visualized Insights on Demand

Manage crucial KPIs with drag-and-drop reports and customizable dashboards, or get started with pre-built options.

Built on the Salesforce Platform

Utilize existing Salesforce workflows, configuration and data to maximize forecasting accuracy and insights. PlaceCPM is the only all-in-one corporate performance management solution natively built on the Salesforce Platform.

Learn More About Financial Forecasting in Salesforce

If you’re ready to get a full view of your companies financial health, we’re ready to help. Complete the form below and well set up a time to help you harness the power of Salesforce and PlaceCPM for a 360-degree view of your companies financial health.