The Platform that Supports the Implementation Lifecycle

Clean up, Document and Drive Adoption in Salesforce, with Elements.cloud

Get back the agility that Salesforce originally gave you with Elements.cloud. Easily pinpoint how to clean up your Salesforce org and make changes with confidence. Build and maintain documentation that fosters adoption with ease and maintains consistent business practices. With Elements.cloud you can eliminate those miscommunications around users needs. Make it the single source of documentation for all projects going forward; attach notes, links to external documents, videos and images, business process maps, requirements and user stories.

  • Salesforce Data Clean up and Process Documentation: Your Salesforce org analytics insights displayed in Setup. You can see where a field is used, the percentage of fields completed, the footprint, and impact of the field to help make clean data decisions. You’ll be able to attach notes, links, process diagrams, and images to ensure consistent processes with the right documentation. You have access to detailed reporting and a sync and analysis of org metadata every night.
  • Drive User Adoption: Quickly and easily attach notes, update processes, link URLs to external content (video, docs, wiki, webpages) on record pages as in-app pop-up as help for objects and fields. Get user feedback and respond quickly.
  • Business Analysis & Map Processes: A quick, easy and proven hierarchical mapping approach. Sync your entire Salesforce org’s meta data into an easily navigated tree structure. Use the Org analytics to quickly understand how you can lean up your data.You can link attachments to process steps and embed as training material. You’ll have version control and a change log for regulated environments.

Efficiently Manage Your Tech Stack
Reduce technical debt and drive user adoption and feedback.

Manage configuration changes and coordinate the development and reuse of all documentation around the lifecycle.

Data-Driven Results

Provide critical metadata that impact assessments to accelerate decision making.​

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If you’re ready to drive Salesforce user adoption and feedback, optimize and coordinate the documentation in your lifecycle, and get access to critical data to accelerate your decision making in Salesforce with Elements.cloud we’re ready to help. Complete the form below and we’ll set up a time to help you harness the power of Salesforce and Elements.cloud to build better business processes, clean your Salesforce data, and drive user adoption.

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It takes 20-30 mins to rate your Org implementation maturity. Rate 64 questions each on a sliding scale 1 to 10.

Instantly you will get a spider chart and report that covers 5 phases divided into 18 sections. Based on your score you will get tailored links to helpful 3rd party resources.

Use it to show how good you are, or demonstrate to management where you need investment.