Boomi for Salesforce

Connect Apps and Data Automatically

About the Boomi & Salesforce Integration

With the addition of Boomi, you can now seamlessly integrate native or custom Salesforce applications to outside applications and data. Plus, with the automation of data maintenance tasks, it’s easier than ever to maintain best practices for clean data and efficient business processes. Boomi provides low-to-no-code solutions in order to get your integration set up fast without compromising the quality of your overall system architecture.


Eliminate Manual Data Maintenance Tasks

Reduce the time it takes to maintain data as well as errors that occur with manual updates by automating these processes.

Quick, Painless Integrations
With Boomi, getting set up with application integrations are easy. Its no-to-low-code solution makes for setting up integrations fast and free from complications.

Bring Data Together

By integrating data across platforms, you can track data across departments, enabling you to make better decisions for your business.

Learn More About Boomi for Salesforce

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