The Crawl-Walk-Run approach to Technology Adoption does not only have to exist when viewing software implementations for a company on a grander scale. The same ideologies can apply in the context of a singular project to evolve an initial series of technology goals beyond what is first asked via a successful, collaborative relationship between a client and their technology implementation consultant.


At Roycon, those of us on the Delivery team have the pleasure of engaging and influencing a vast array of companies of varying sizes, verticals, and tech stacks. We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent, repeatable delivery process to ensure each of our clients receives a caliber of experience that all parties are proud to have invested in.

At its core, Roycon is a Salesforce implementation partner. However, we strive to supersede that title by providing our clientele with a collaborative experience where, at the end of every engagement, we land on a body of work that advances and goes beyond the client’s initial expectations and sets us up perfectly for the next venture.

Setting Foundations for Success via Sales Engineering

The backbone of teeing up a collaborative implementation process begins on the first call. Roycon’s technically-savvy Account Executives align with Salesforce AEs and organizations evaluating Salesforce to provide initial insight to the heights we can reach by provisioning Salesforce and configuring it to solve their immediate pain points.

When the evaluating company provides us with their short- and long-term goals, our AEs make it their primary focus to compile a Scope of Work which will empower our implementation teams to engineer an initial solution that will solve the problems of today with the scalability of being adopted for future needs. When Roycon is provisioned for an implementation project, our Sales team bestows all analysis and information provided during scoping calls so the implementation team is armed and dangerous going into project pre-planning.

Enhancing the Vision During Discovery & Architecting

At the beginning of every project, there is a vision of success clearly defined via the engagement’s Objectives, Success Criteria, Timeline, and Budget. During the initial phase of an engagement with Roycon, our focus is to analyze and collaborate on all information relevant to the client’s Objectives and architect a technical solution which will, at minimum, accomplish those Objectives satisfactorily.

However, as a Solution Architect, there is a subliminal truth to this portion of the engagement that goes beyond the page or in meetings. As an example, when information is provided to me, I may ponder the following:

  • Does this translate into an element of the solution that will serve one of the project’s objectives?
  • Are there area(s) of improvement from a technical process flow which either evolve this or render it obsolete?
  • Is this a need that will scale as the client’s tech stack advances?
  • Is this a need that will scale as the client’s business practices evolve?
  • What prior experience or anecdotal knowledge can I bring to assist the client with the issue(s) this causes them?

What I love most about the work I do is the ability to build, alongside my clients, a technical solution that surpasses what either entity could do alone, even with our knowledge homogenized. Marrying Roycon’s extensive experience within the Salesforce ecosystem with our clientele’s mastery of their vertical and business machinations yields implementation solutions that may far surpass what their expectations were when first signing on with us. By doing this collaboratively, there is full transparency in the process of compiling and evolving the technical solution. We arrive at it through our cumulative efforts and inevitably end up champions of the enhanced vision of where we are to go next.

Iterating for Adoption & Success During System Build

It is inevitable that, in software implementation, not everything goes as planned. At Roycon, we strive to find all areas where our technical specifications are challenged by system limitations or scope confines and use those as opportunities to either make the solution engineering more focused or provide the means with the client to achieve those goals. Throughout the implementation process, Roycon’s implementation teams value championing the client’s needs and success above all and will provide potential paths to success for them to evaluate and discuss.

These findings may occur at any point during the System Build: during demos, system reviews, internal QA, or User Acceptance Testing. Regardless of when it is found, we approach the resolution and advancement of a technical challenge just as we would in Discovery. We provide a full evaluation and options for approaches forward which we believe will set all parties up for success for the initial launch and beyond.

Championing the Technology During Go-Live & Beyond

When the initial engagement comes to a close and the cumulative fruits of our labor are now to be unveiled to the greater population of our client’s organization, we make sure that we have Go-Live and immediate next steps ready to review and roadmap. It is also customary for us to be checking in with the vision of success defined by the Statement of Work throughout the course of the implementation cycle and ensure that all fundamental requirements have been met or surpassed. From this point, we discuss future state desires for Salesforce solutions alongside a cumulative feature list compiled during our time working together to craft the structure for our next venture that both parties will be excited to embark on.

From the initial call to Day One of Go-Live, Roycon is not only your Salesforce subject matter expert, but a partner invested in the success of your technological goals, and we take pride in our opportunity to be as such. We have had the pleasure of revolutionizing the utilization of Salesforce for many organizations and, most importantly, standing alongside those companies as their technological investment bettered affairs for their organization and their employees.

We look forward to future opportunities to continue along this path – maybe with you!

Kiyan Nourain

Kiyan Nourain

Solution Architect

Kiyan, one of our talented solution architects, differentiates and prides himself as being a system engineer and admin before becoming a Salesforce user. His background and passion surrounding the Salesforce ecosystem make him one of our finest solution architects.

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