So I’m sure you’ve heard that Einstein Discovery and Analytics is pret-ty rad. I mean, the lil’ guy basically took over Dreamforce 2019 when he showed up at the Opening Keynote. You can plop this tiny genius literally right in the middle of your meetings. You ask, and he answers, based on the data you’ve given him (from ALL your sources, not just Salesforce)!

marc-benioff-einstein-speaker.jpg Salesforce Chairman and Co-CEO Marc Benioff shows the audience an Einstein smart speaker during Dreamforce’s opening keynote.
I was lucky enough to nerd out to this in person!

And of course, you don’t need the adorable speaker to tap into this powerful platform. You can hook your Einstein Analytics up to any home speaker, or none at all. But just look at him!

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and it’s changing the game. The Spring ’20 release included even more declarative customization, making it even easier to reveal the stories your data can tell you. With all the things Einstein Analytics and Discovery is capable of, where do you start?

Here are my favorite 4 things that EA can do for your business right now (yes, right now!)

Analyze your data from ANYWHERE.

Internal, external, all your integrated tools, your crazy spreadsheet collection, you name it. Salesforce data or not, Einstein can handle it. Through Connectors, you can bring all of your business data together – including external data – onto one platform. Once all your data is hanging out together, you can create custom “recipes” with it and cook up any dataset (any custom-built set of data) you want Einstein to analyze!

This allows you to customize Einstein to your specific business needs, and tailor the results to help you make the right decisions faster and improve your business outcomes. Automatically!


Predict the Future.

Don’t we all wish we could know what’s coming sometimes? With Einstein Prediction Builder you can. Einstein integrates with your Salesforce environment and enables you to quickly implement robust data analysis, predictions, and improvements with CLICKS, not code.

Einstein can use your data to tell you what happened, why it happened, what could happen, and how different variables could affect different results.

Which leads are most likely to convert? Which articles will help resolve cases the quickest? Which of these marketing emails is going to perform best? Which content, products and messaging will your customers most likely respond to? You can customize Einstein to automatically analyze the interactions your customers have with the myriad of touchpoints across your entire business.

You can predict ALL THE THINGS – again, with CLICKS, not code. The coolest part? Insights and recommendations on improving your most likely future outcomes.

Professional business advice based on science?! Yes, please!