The Salesforce AppExchange

While Salesforce is a highly powerful tool used to support any organization’s day-to-day functions, there are many Apps available in what is called the Salesforce AppExchange to help enhance the solution to support any organization’s needs.

What is the Salesforce AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace where Admins or consultants can go and “shop” for a solution that will extend and enhance their current Salesforce solution. All you need is the “Download Packages” permission to install them into your org.

The AppExchange offers solutions geared towards streamlining communication, improving internal processes and procedures that will enhance a company’s customer service or provide tools to help close deals, provide better data management and cleanup, or simply provide a more visually appealing way to communicate with their customers. Something can be found for a variety of organization’s needs.

Today, we will go over some of the most exciting and beneficial Salesforce AppExchange packages available to you in the marketplace. While there are tons of options available, these are just a few that caught our eye!

Salesforce AppExchange: Streamlined Communication Apps

Salesforce Anywhere (QUIP)

Download Quip from the Salesforce AppExchange here >>

The Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) app allows Salesforce admins to efficiently collaborate with their fellow team members, as well as keep their clients up to speed- all in one place!

Salesforce Anywhere allows users to chat, set alerts, and embed real-time, updated information from Salesforce directly into the Quip document. The in-line comment feature allows you to add comments, questions, or feedback to any part of a record, which provides a clear and concise method of communication, that reduces the time spent going back and forth.

Salesforce AppExchange Quip

Users can subscribe to the accounts, records, or opportunities that are important to them. When relevant information is updated, they’ll get alerted simultaneously, removing the tedious task of alerting each person one by one.

In addition to the communication features listed above, Salesforce has integrated with Amazon Chime and Zoom so users have the ability to leverage the video conferencing service of their choice and communicate with each other face to face. A user can start a chat while looking at a specific record page, and with a click, move to video to continue the conversation on the same screen. Users no longer need to switch screens and set up a separate conferencing option to screen share. With this new integration, everyone is on the same page!


Download Slack from the Salesforce AppExchange here >>

The Salesforce and Slack integration allow users to search and share information in their Salesforce instance directly from Slack.

This integration also allows users to share messages both ways. Important account information can be shared within Slack, and important Slack communication can be saved on the Account record within Salesforce.

Salesforce AppExchange Slack

To include key participants into a discussion, all you have to do in Slack is @mention the user you want to share the information with, and then use the slash command (/salesforce[account name]) to pull the relevant details from Salesforce into the communication channel. This provides users an instant view of the account information and streamlines the communication.


Purchase CalendarAnything from the Salesforce AppExchanage here >>

CalendarAnything is a visualization tool that allows for a variety of records to be accessible within the Salesforce calendar. This app can be customizable so a user can display any standard or custom objects within their calendar. Users not only have the ability to create, edit and modify records directly within the calendar view but these dynamic calendars can be shared internally or externally by either being saved as an image or by embedding it into records or websites.